It has not been good news this week for “Jigga man” Jay Z, although it has not been looking so rosy either, ever since the Tidal launch premier. Jay Z made what we thought were big tidal waves  when he announced the launch of his very own music streaming service. A service for music lovers that aimed to make streaming a much better experience along with better deal for the artists and consumers.


The launch looked elephantine for Jay Z’s new venture, but despite the help of his wife Beyoncé, Best friend Kanye West, Rihanna, Rapper Nicki Minaj the programme is proving to be unsuccessful. Very unsuccessful in fact! Jay Z has been running around somewhat frantic for the past week making numerous phone calls to find out what the problem is. Well I can tell you right now Mr Sean Carter! The price is the problem and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure it out.  He has been  charging high prices for the public to listen to what they can get for cheaper, and even free from other providers


The supposed “next big thing” hasn’t even rubbed shoulders with their competition, Spotify and Pandora. Their main rivals have made great strides, whilst Jay Z’s app has crashed out of the top 700.  It begs the question as to whether a lot of money was wasted for this since the investment has not yielded much fruit . 


Struggling to keep afloat, Jay has replaced the companies CEO in a desperate move to save them before what looks like an inevitable sinking.  The company has certainly hit an iceburg.It did look glossy for the service for a split second when the newbies cracked the US iPhone top 20 chart downloads. Although they didn’t break any records, two weeks in the running was definitely a good start. Unfortunately that mini reign came to a crashing halt and rapidly sunk all the way down out of the top 700! What a big drop that is.  What a slap in the face that was for Jay Z.  Almost everything he touches turns to gold but this seems to serve stars as a reminder that success is not always a given, just because the funds are available. A shabby idea, no matter how you sugar coat it, is still shabby. Now the enemies are sitting stronger than ever, a few weeks ago the streaming industry were extremely threatened to hear of Jay’s arrival. Pandora and Spotify just took the No. 3 and 4 spots on the US iPhone revenue chart!!! Devastating news for Beyoncé and Jay Z.


Twitter went wild “Why on earth would I pay to make you celebrities richer when the poor are getting poorer” – “Is this a JOKE! I use Spotify, you are being greedy now Jay”


Even debuting Madonna, Rihanna and Beyoncé’s new singles and videos on their failed to keep new customers, it seems as though all the stops have already been pulled out. They gained a few extra sign in’s so they could sneak these “unseen videos” with instant revokes of memberships. Deeming the plot unsuccessful.


Will Tidal sink??? What don’t you like about this streaming service? Let us know

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