Singapore Airlines Offers £10,000 Compensation Following Turbulence

Singapore Airlines Offers £10,000 Compensation Following Turbulence

By James Simons-

Singapore Airlines has offered compensation of £10,000 to passengers hurt last month during a flight that encountered severe turbulence, which resulted in dozens of injuries and one death.

A 73 year old  British man  aboard the flight died from what is believed to have been a heart attack. Of the 211 passengers and 18 crew onboard, 104 people were injured. As of Monday, 12 passengers remain hospitalised in Bangkok.

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“Passengers medically assessed as having sustained serious injuries, requiring long-term medical care, and requesting financial assistance are offered an advance payment of US$25,000 to address their immediate needs,” the airline wrote. “This will be part of the final compensation that these passengers will receive.”

In addition, all passengers on the May 20 flight SQ321 from London to Singapore will be refunded the cost of their tickets, it added.

The Boeing 777-300ER was about 10 hours into its flight and midway through the meal service when it hit turbulence while flying over Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Basin.

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Geoff Kitchen, a 73-year-old British man, died from a suspected heart condition, according to Thai officials. The aircraft was diverted to Bangkok following the incident.

The Advertiser, an Australian newspaper, reported on Sunday that one of the passengers, Kerry Jordan, has been left paralyzed from the chest down.

Data from aviation tracking site FlightRadar24 showed the flight suddenly dipping and then rapidly climbing a few hundred feet, then dipping and climbing again, before finally settling back at its cruising altitude. The entire disruption lasted about 90 seconds, according to the data.

Turbulence occurs when a plane flies through clashing bodies of air moving at widely different speeds.

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