Avon And Somerset Arrest 11 Men For Attempted Murder Following Stabbing

Avon And Somerset Arrest 11 Men For Attempted Murder Following Stabbing

By David Young-

Bristol, UK – Avon and Somerset Police have arrested 11 men on suspicion of attempted murder following a stabbing incident that left two men in their 20s hospitalized. The attack occurred near Rawnsley Park in Easton at approximately 4:40 AM on Sunday.

Easton Way is closed between the junction with Stapleton Road and Pennywell Road. There is also no access to Easton Way from Old Market

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The victims sustained knife wounds and were promptly taken to the hospital. While their injuries are no longer considered life-threatening, one of the men remains in serious condition.

In response to the incident, Avon and Somerset Police have implemented enhanced stop-and-search powers across parts of Bristol. Superintendent Lisa Simpson authorized the use of Section 60 and Section 60A powers under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act on Sunday afternoon.

These measures came into force at 7 PM on Sunday and will initially remain for 24 hours, with the possibility of extension.

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Superintendent Simpson addressed the public’s concerns regarding the surge in knife crime and serious violence in Bristol. “We do not underestimate the concerns of the local community following this recent incident of knife crime and serious violence in Bristol.

It is because of this that we have made the decision to bring in the section 60 powers for our officers,” she said.

The Section 60 powers enable uniformed officers to stop and search any individual or vehicle within the specified area if they suspect the presence of weapons.

Additionally, Section 60AA powers allow officers to request the removal of face coverings if they believe they are being worn to conceal identity.

“These powers are crucial in our efforts to prevent further serious violence and to ensure the safety of the community,” Superintendent Simpson added.

“A section 60 power authorizes officers to stop-and-search an individual if they have suspicions that they may be carrying knives or other weapons which could be used in serious violence in the area.

Alongside this, they will also have a section 60AA power which allows officers to ask people to remove face coverings if they have reason to believe it is being worn to conceal their identity.”

The area under the Section 60 order has been mapped out and shared with the public to ensure awareness and compliance. The initial authorization can last up to 24 hours and may be extended for a further 24 hours by a superintendent if deemed necessary.

The community remains on high alert as investigations continue, and the authorities urge anyone with information related to the incident to come forward.

The arrested men are currently in police custody as the investigation progresses.

The enhanced stop-and-search powers aim to deter further incidents and reassure the community of their safety in the wake of this violent episode.

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