Two 12 Year Old Boys Guilty Of Teenage Murder

Two 12 Year Old Boys Guilty Of Teenage Murder

By James Simons-

Two 12-year-old boys have been found guilty of the brutal murder of 19-year-old Shawn Seesahai(pictured) in Wolverhampton.

This conviction marks the boys as the youngest knife murderers in the UK since the notorious case of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables in 1993.

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The jurors at Nottingham Crown Court delivered a unanimous verdict, convicting the youths of murder and one of possessing a bladed article.

They are believed to be youngest defendants convicted of murder in Britain since Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both aged 11, were found guilty in 1993 of killing two-year-old James Bulger.

The case has brought to light the escalating issue of knife crime among the youth in the UK, highlighting a pervasive and growing problem.

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In an interview released after the verdicts, Mr Seesahai’s parents Suresh and Maneshwary have said they will never be able to get over the loss of their 19-year-old son who always told them he would “shine” and take care of them.

Speaking for the first time since their son was murdered, Suresh Seesahai expressed empathy for the parents of the killers and only hopes that “justice” is served for his son.

The tragedy unfolded on November 13 last year, when Seesahai was attacked in Wolverhampton’s Stowlawn playing fields. He was subjected to a vicious assault involving punches, kicks, and ultimately, a fatal stab to the heart with a machete.

The smaller of the two defendants, who was known to often carry the 42.5 cm-long blade, initiated the attack by shoulder-barging Seesahai before the assault escalated.

The victim’s friend told the trial he was forced to run for his life but Mr Seesahai stumbled as he tried to flee from the boys on Wolverhampton’s Stowlawn playing fields on November 13 last year.

After refusing to answer police questions in the aftermath of the murder, the boys both gave evidence to jurors, blaming each other for inflicting the fatal blow.

Seesahai’s parents, Suresh and Maneshwary, have expressed their profound grief and questioned how such young children could have access to such a deadly weapon. “This world is a different world, kids are dangerous now.

If we don’t pay attention to them this will keep happening,” said Suresh, underscoring the urgency of addressing knife crime among the youth.

Knife crime has become a significant issue in the UK, with incidents involving young perpetrators increasingly making headlines.

According to recent statistics, knife crime has been on the rise, with numerous reports of teenagers and even younger children being involved in violent acts. The case of Seesahai is a tragic illustration of this alarming trend.

The trial revealed chilling details about the boys’ behaviour following the murder. They showed no remorse, spending the hours after the killing playing video games and cleaning the murder weapon with bleach.

This lack of empathy and understanding of the gravity of their actions is deeply concerning and points to broader societal and systemic issues.

The UK government has implemented various measures to combat knife crime, including increased stop-and-search powers for police and harsher penalties for carrying knives.

However, the persistence of such incidents suggests that more comprehensive strategies are needed. These should address not only law enforcement but also social and educational interventions to prevent young people from turning to violence.

Seesahai’s death has left a void in his family’s life. His parents described him as a “loving and protective” son who had come to the UK from Anguilla for cataract treatment.

His untimely death has devastated his family, who are now calling for justice and a re-evaluation of how society deals with youth crime.

In the aftermath of the verdict, High Court Judge Mrs. Justice Tipples thanked the jury for their dedication in a “tragic and distressing case.” The boys, whose identities are protected due to their age, are expected to be sentenced in July..

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