Chris Evans suspicious BBC top gear resignation, adds to the list of shocking resignations this month. First, we had David Cameron, them Boris Johnson, then Nigel Farage, and now Chris Evans.

All in a short space of time. Chris Evans resignation was always there hanging, waiting to happen. Falling ratings on his top gear show was always going to be a challenge for him.

His last show hit 1.9 million views, less than half the 4.3 million at the beginning of the job, and less than a quarter of the 8 million viewers achieved by Jeremy Clarkson at the height of his time on top gear.

Evans had once told the Guardian that he would be terribly disappointed if he could not maintain a 5 million ratings on viewing figures. However, revelation that Evans had problems with Co producer, Matt Le Blanc, raises the possibility that this may have also played a role in his decision to quit.

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Matt Blanc had reportedly warned that he would go if Evans doesn’t go, a clear sign of bad blood between the pair. And  rumors from some insiders that Evans left before he was forced out, makes his BBC top gear resignation all the more suspicious.

Evans seemed to suggest in his resignation speech that his efforts were not good enough, but the questions whether there is more to the story he is telling us. His top gear resignation becomes more suspicious when we look at the full picture.

If we through into the whole equation, the most recent sexual assault police investigation about allegations in the 90s, it becomes clear that Evans was not having a good day today.

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The sexual assault allegation was front page of The Sun Newspaper yesterday, he has been having problems with his Co producer, and he steps down today. It is all a bit too suspicious for my liking, it looks like Evans finally figured out that his time was up, and left in the most peaceful way he could.

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