The early start of the game saw plenty of action coming from Real Madrid with an early chance coming to the former Tottenham star Garth Bale. Atletico found it hard to get the ball and chasing the ball around. The first free kick came from world player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo which was saved in style in the bottom corner by keeper Jan Oblak. Atletico seemed to be letting Real get the better of them until they won a free kick and slowed Real down. Koke stepped up in the 10th minute but could not finish. Real dusted off that free kick with every play, passing the ball around showing the world what they do best. Atletico made a good account for them self’s in the following minutes as Antoine Griezman shot was blocked, great defending.

The game seemed to be going end to end with not much going on, with neither one getting a clear chance of the others goal area. “Let alone a goal”. Another free kick presented itself to Real Madrid with Ronaldo accelerating his rate of pace but once again failing to score one of his trade mark top corner beauties. Atletico struggled to get back in the game. Real pushed the most for a goal, I know the manager was happy seeing sheer enthusiasm.  Real Madrid’s James rodrqiques had a shot in the 38th minute which was unsuccessful, no one was having any luck. Atletico continuously struggled with the ball and maintaining any long form of contact, Real pushed them all the way to the half time whistle. “I’m hoping for a second half full of goals”.

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The second half started of like the first half ended, ex Manchester united player Cristiano Ronaldo tried his luck with a shot on goal but the super keeper continued to keep his net clear. The home team started to possess the ball a lot more with Arda Turan heading the ball at a dangerously close range, Reals keeper Casillias saved it wonderfully. A booking in the 55th minute for Ramos was booked with a yellow card for an elbow on Madzukic. Madzukic was sent off for treatment, but soon returned to the pitch. Real started to play football again like they meant it, forcing their way in Atletico’s box. Great formation passing of the ball for a moment but both sides were still unable to find any shots at goal, Ronaldo is kept out once again. Real substitiues Isco for karim Benzema in the 76th minute, and Atletico made a change also when Grezmann came off and Raul Garcia came on in the 77th.

The game levelled out once more but not for long as there were more yellows cards in the 80th minute, sub Raul Garcia and Sergio Ramos both collected a yellow. “Not good for a man who just stepped on the pitch”.  The game, far from done and the Manger mades a few changes with Alvero Arbeloa replacing Carvaial in the 85thminute.  All supporters praying for glory at this stage, looking to turn around when Diego Godin made a passionate attempt at the goal but once again no goals insight.  Shortly after sub Fernando Torres came on for koke in the 88th, the change seems to have done to field some good as former Chelsea player started making his trade mark runs in the box. Despite the last real efforts from any side, Torres could not pull through when it really counted, Ramos became his nemesis defender. The home team seemed to have the fresher legs on the pitch as the game drew to an end but with no goals that’s all it was for the home team. The game finished 0-0.

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