American rapper, Trey Songz, has just surprised fans with an unexpected release of his Mixtape “Intermission”. The 30 year old   whose career has spanned over a decade with a variety of hits ranking high on the Billboard, has given us some more freshly squeeze RNB juice to wet our appetites . The new project “Intermission” took us all by surprise, as the prolific singer song writer ensured the secrecy associated with this song was not leaked in advance.

Trey loves to take his fans by surprise, and may indeed be more proficient with his music creation when he creates songs without giving notice to his fans.

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TREY TWEETED– “Some of the music my fans loved the most is the music I gave them unexpectedly. Some of the records that helped define me as an artist, never had videos or topped the charts. I make so much music & I want to share it all. I feel Intermission is me doing what I do best.” @TreySongz

Trey is indeed on fire most when he works on a song in private without disclosing the details of his preparation or the song itself.  The surprise element generates a buzz of its own, and fans must by now be accustomed to his way of doing things Trey I certainly not the first one to nurture hot songs in private and release them in public.   Beyoncé  equally surprised fans with her 5th self-titled solo album release on Friday 13th December 2013, nobody knew it was happening until I Tunes blew up; giving Beyoncé her biggest album to date. Could the same happen for Trey’s mixtape?


A shy boy in his teenage years, music was not a career this inspiring artist had on his radar. It was something he did for fun until people who noticed his talent strongly urged him to do something about it.  His penchant for singing for pleasure soon led him to enter a talent competition where he was discovered by Troy Taylor, an American producer, ultimately leading to record contract in 2003.  Since then he has continued to produce breath taking tunes, selling hundreds of thousands of copies in America.

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Up until this announcement, the Virginian heart throb had been engrossed in a warm up for Nicki Minaj’s “Pinkprint” European tour last year, whilst promoting his last album release “Trigger”. So when we say this is unexpected, we mean it!  A little extra doesn’t hurt, right? “Trigga” gave us some of Trey’s best work to date, he did release a random this year called “Slow Motion” and despite the tune not being connected to an album, it ascendancy to the Hot 100 speaks volumes in itself. Well done, Trey! However, loose tracks are not always a good thing. Get that banger attached to an EP or an Album and you are rolling in it, which Trey knows oso-well. If the Albums not ready, it makes gargantuan sense to release something to keep your fans happy especially if you are itching to release another bomb yourself! Enter the EP!



The “Say ahh” singer is releasing the “Trigga” follow up “Trigga Reloaded”  on June 23rd to be precise. Roll on summer as they say! The title choice Intermission gives us a clear indication that this is just a little something to keep us occupado before the Real Mission launch in June, so sit tight fans.
Intermission” (including the intro) gives us five new tunes to enjoy until Reloaded lifts off, here’s a look at the EP’s playlist.

1. Intermission (Intro)

2. Don’t Play

3. Boss

4. Good Girls vs Bad Girls

5. Talk about It

6. Change




“Trey Songz SummerJam” by Mikey Hennessy – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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