Canadian Woman arrested in Los Angeles with $2m dollars worth of Heroin

Canadian Woman arrested in Los Angeles with $2m dollars worth of Heroin

By Aaron Miller

Canadian Woman has been arrested by Los Angeles Police for the possession of  $2 m dollars worth of heroin in Central California.

The 63-year-old Canadian, Kathleen Landry, of British Columbia, was caught with the large quantity of the deadly drug, and arrested Monday on Highway 99 in Modesto. The discovery by police took place as they apprehended a moving violation by the driver of a vehicle in which Landry was a passenger.

Cops in conjunction with the Modesto Narcotics Enforcement Team obtained a search warrant for the truck and recovered 38 kilogrammes of heroin with an estimated street value of more than $2 million (U.S.).

Landry was arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance for sales and transportation of a controlled substance. She faces jail for the offence. It is really unfortunate that a grown woman of her age would indulge in the trafficking of drugs with $2m. It goes to show that as some people age, their stupidity ages with them.

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$2m is a nice amount of money to have, but to seek to earn that money through drug trafficking, especially at her age, is a most foolish thing. The law will have no mercy for her, and one can only pity the children if this woman if she has any at all.

Most drug traffickers of drugs worth this much, are not the heavyweights of the game. They talk on assignments of this nature with the promise of a nice cut, whilst the heavy pushers of the trade give instructions from the safety of their homes. Once in the deal is successfully completed, it is the heavy pushers who end up with the large share of the financial benefits.
However, somebody along the line often has to be compensated for the huge loss, and it can get really nasty, depending on who else on the chain of commands demands compensation.$2m is a lot to loose, somebody somewhere will be furious. As tempting as it often is to make fast loot by pushing drugs, people should always contemplate the high risks of getting caught, and the serious punishment that will accompany capture.

All too often, the culprits are caught up in a tunnel vision in which they only see the lavish lifestyle that will accompany a successful drug deal. The claustrophobic walls of a jail prison among violent prisoners of all sorts of temperaments is rarely given enough evaluation.This woman will learn the hard way, but after a chunk of her life has been spent in an American jail.

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She will then have the unenviable task of explaining herself to all her friends , family, and the Canadian press when she is eventually released as a really old woman.

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