Street Dealers Get 10 Years For Selling Drugs

Street Dealers Get 10 Years For Selling Drugs

By James Simons-

A pair of street dealers has been jailed for ten years after being caught with drugs. One of the dealers was caught with more than 200 wraps of drugs in his “bulging” underpants, have been jailed for a total of more than ten years.

41-year-old Imran Ali, 41, and 26-year-old Mohammed Shaikh were caught by police driving around Bradford city centre in a Skoda Fabia car at around 1 am on January 9 last year.

The vehicle the pair of bad boys were driving was seen pulling up on Darley Street where Shaikh spoke to two men and a drugs deal “clearly took place at the passenger window,” the prosecutor alleged. Their secret dealings were brought to a halt the moment they were captured.

Ali’s lawyer told the court that his life had been “destroyed” since he became a heroin and cocaine addict in 2004 and that Shaikh had “fallen back to his old ways” after losing his job in late 201

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Judge Collin Burn jailed Ali for five years and nine months, and Shaikh for four-and-a-half years. He said: “Both of you know the misery of class A drugs and the risks of dealing in it. The sentences have to be high when you are caught.

Mr Khan told the court that one officer saw a “bulge in Shaikh’s crotch region”, which led to the police instructing a strip search at the police station. They found 219 wraps of heroin and cocaine, said to have a street value of more than £1,000, fell out of his boxer shorts.

When cops searched Ali’s address, they found foil wrapping, a set of scales, and bicarbonate of soda in his bedroom. which Mr Khan said were items “ready for wrapping illicit drugs.”

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Ali, of Highthorne Avenue, Bradford, and Shaikh, of Coates Street, Bradford, pleaded guilty to the possession of class A drugs with an intent to supply. The court heard that Ali had two previous convictions for the same offence, and Shaikh one, and both men have previously given four-year sentences, in 2005 and 2013 respectively.

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