Chelmsford Prison’s Easy Access To Drugs Thanks To Women Links

Chelmsford Prison’s Easy Access To Drugs Thanks To Women Links

By James Simons-

Chelmsford prison is a haven for drugs, thanks to women who aid the supply of spice and drugs in there.

Two women under conditions of anonymity told the eye of ” women make it easy for us to take drugs into prison like Chelmsford. It’s so easy to do, we keep the drugs in our private places where nobody can touch. Our boyfriends or ex boyfriend’s in there mastermind the whole thing, and it’s just easy and straightforward”.


The revelation comes after a cousin of one of the women contacted the eye of to lift the lid on their regular practise at Chelmsford Prison. The woman arranged for us to meet her cousin and a friend, who told us how they smuggle drugs into Chelmsford prison by hiding it in their private parts.The women claimed that the searching proceedure was inevtably weak ”since they can’t strip search every male and female who comes to visit prisoners. However, their claims raise questions as to why each visitor of prisoners os not monitored closely.

”we are not the only women who do this, lots of other women act as the secret suppliers of drugs for convicted inmates in jail. Not just Chelmsford, but most prisons in Britain have the supply of drugs facilitated by women. It happens all the time, it’s nothing new”. The woman then offered to introduce the eye of to a former inmate who recently came out of Chemsford prison to corroborate her story.

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The former convict told the eye of that the drug situation in Chelmsford was very bad. The man who also spoke under anonymity, said alot of prisoners were foaming and passing out after being high on spice. He confirmed that women have been an easy tool for the spread of drugs in Chelmsford. He told the eye of ” Many guys use their girls to transport spice or drugs to them in prison.

There is no way to monitor the situation because so many people have visitors coming in. Almost anything gets into Chemsford, from spice to cocaine. It’s just so crazy in there”.

The 740-capacity Victorian prison is riddled with widespread bullying and violence, due to drug debts and territotial control. Other times, violence occurs because of loyalties displayed by inmates towards other inmates locked in conflicts with their fellow jailbirds. Drugs is a major problem in Chelmsford, and it is a major shame that its availability has been proven to be beyond control. ”peopele are always high on some sort of drugs in Chelmsford Prison. It must be the drug den of British jails’, he said. I’ve never seen drugs so easy to get in any prison, and I have been jailed in three prisons so far”.

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The epeidemic of drugs in Chelmsford needs to be uregently tackled. Easy access to drugs will amount to more criminal inmtes being in a distorted state of mind alot of the times, leading to heightened levels of violence whenever they occur. Its ready availability also means more irregular smokers will be easy to influence towards a stronger habit of drugs use. Most importantly, prisoners serving a long time will destroy their bodies and their health alot more, instead of them using prison time to learn from their past and turn a new leaf.

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