The conservative party are looking to have an edge over the Labour party by reducing income tax , VAT or national insurance for the next five years and intends to move the budget into a surplus by 2020. David Cameron’s plans comes in a desperate bid to outclass the Labour party who have so far given them more than a tough battle in one of the closest elections in the history of UK politics. Cameron’s plans are premised on the principle of compelling individuals to work hard for their money and keep most of what they earn whilst cutting down on welfare money.

Ed Milliband, the Labour leader, has however dismissed Cameroon’s pledge as a ”false promise” which would put family budgets on the” firing line” and put the country in grave risk, unduly burdening the shoulders of our children. In a move designed to neutralize the objectives of the tax cut plans by the Conservatives, the Labour party set up a “Tory secret plan” website, which the party claims shows how the Conservatives will actually have to cut £58bn in public spending by 2019 , contrary to the £13bn they claim to pay for all the giveaways the party has promised. The debate may not turn into a battle about who is better schooled in Economics in order to convince voters which of the two leaders in better informed on the practicality of the new proposals ostensibly designed to improve the standard of living of families whilst getting more people on the work ladder.

“David Cameron will never put working families first in our country, instead he will put family budgets in the firing line,” Milliband continued. He added: “Another five years of Tory government would mean a Tory secret plan that puts the prospects of working families at risk. Cuts to tax credits, cuts to child benefits, a threat to your family finances – 7.5m families losing an average of £760 a year, he stated. Working families cannot afford another five years of David Cameron and this Tory government.” The election contest is clearly getting hotter with barely a week to go for the nation to decide who, if any of these, should lead them. The very close race between the two has forced both leaders to dig deep into their mental reserves, with each fervently aiming to counter the other at every stage,

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Milliband’s idea of getting involved with Russell Brand was a gamble that could have paid off in the light of the Comedian’s wide appeal in many circles. The downside to that move is the fact that many serious people do not take the Comedian seriously, especially with the knowledge that Brand has openly discouraged people from voting in the past, something most of us will agree is undemocratic and not advisable even if there is a logic to some of his reasons. In this respect, Cameron delivered a knock out blow yesterday when he stated that Russell Brand is a joke and elections are not a joke but about people’s lives. The new plans to cut taxes may elevate the effectiveness of Cameron’s campaign, though Milliband may already have punctured it with holes.

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