Eating healthy helps you think better

Eating healthy helps you think better

Charlotte Webster

Eating healthily affects the way we think and operate. People who eat healthily are more likely to want to have adequate sleep, and also more likely to think and plan better.

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Eating good food has nutrients that stimulate the mind and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Careless eating and lifestyle is linked with an attitude of convenience and suitability, in marked contrast with the more beneficial qualities of discipline and sacrifice. Sacrifice does not only apply to self denial for the benefit of others, but also self denial for ones own benefit.

A person who eats well is more likely to sacrifice the temptation to sit in or go for a drink, and substitute that for a healthy one hour run. Equally, a person who exercises and eats well is more likely to have fewer late nights in or out, and choose to grant the body the good hours of sleep it needs. Late nights out should be done in moderation.

Those of us who like to have a number of beers on a night out, or several glasses of wine, would be conscious of the high calorie intake if we are conscious of healthy eating. Wine can be very satisfying, but alot of it or even relatively small portions consumed often is harmful to our minds and bodies. This is because of the harmful sugar intake.

However, all these only matter if you eat well. How you eat affects how you think.

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