A Beauty Therapist and budding entrepreneur from Chingford is merging forces with a blind genius from Walthamstow who created an app for  blind and visually impaired people just over  2 years ago.  In order to improve the lives of women, 34 year old Clarissa Jordan  established EbonyPink in 2014 with a view to presenting themselves as a Beauty Salon and a Makeup Brand that pride themselves on outstanding customer service and is hoping to revolutionise the lives of women through an incredible new app.

As a step of progression, EbonyPink will be joining forces with Chris Telesford, 34, Founder of AME Communicate to developing a user friendly interactive app related to beauty.

EbonyPink seeks to develop a mobile application that brings to life all of their current products and services using what’s knows as AR (Augmented Reality) which is something that has never been done in the industry and will change the beauty industry for the better.

EbonyPink has a Salon based in The Ilford Exchange Shopping Centre (Essex) and serves women of all backgrounds and complexations with beauty treatments and massage services that combines elements of trending beauty and makeup with wellness and spa-like treatments.

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In the current age of technology, EbonyPink feel that it is relevant to incorporate their theory of beauty into a user friendly interface that offers support around the clock

Managing Director Chris Telesford told eye of media:

“I have been in technology since the age of 11 and have been to many beauty and fashion shows with my grandmother (Ms Angela Joseph) who’s last employer before retirement was fashion designer and legend Isabell Christianson and I have never seen both the beauty and makeup industry truly work hand in hand with technology which is a shame however; Ms Clarissa Jorden is a truly adventurous lady who actually thinks out of the box and who I believe is going to change the lives of wimen all over the world.

The mobile application which we will be creating is going to be something that the world has never seen before and will not just capture the minds and hearts of women all over the world but will also allow wimen to fully have control of exactly what they want without being questioned.

At this point in the development, our lips are remaining sealed as to what we are exactly doing and how we are doing it but we will be putting out sneak peaks as we progress so please do keep an eye on updates from Ebony Pink”.

“We are there to be that beauty therapist that provides those vital solutions they know they can only receive from EbonyPink. That way our theory of beauty can be the reality of beauty, that beautiful canvas waiting to be embraced.”

There is currently no app that addresses the major psychological and disciplinary issues that face women. An app version that achieves this will be phenomenally empowering. EbonyPink blends natural skin enhancing products with general lifestyle and diet, providing both a therapeutic and advisory service to women of all backgrounds. Their services is not confined to the enhancing of beauty alone, but also extends to the useful provision of a mentoring service designed to  bring out the very best from women today.

Jordan further explains that:

”Most people project their self-perception in the way they interact and evaluate people and situations. An app that serves as a mentoring device in showing the connection between the way women see themselves and the way they respond to situations will enable them to take progressive steps forward. We advise women to eat well, rest well, look after their skin, and the way they deal with situations in life altogether will change for the better. We are working on an app that not only serves as a reminder of what they want to achieve, but also measures their progress on the targets they have set for themselves. Combining such an app with the facilities of social media available today will set a beautiful canvas and a unique platform for women”.

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EbonyPink also plan to incorporate ideal food types from a nutritionist and always propose the supplementation of her products with specifically related lifestyle food choices for best results.

”It is no good improving your skin if you are going to eat rubbish that will then spoil what we are doing to it, Jordan the CEO of Ebony Ink emphasises. We want to bring out the glow and beauty of the skin but also advice our clients to eat set specific meals in order for them to see the maximum results. The two work together”.


Jordan insists there is a gap in the market in this respect which she expects 34 year old Chris Telesford, the longest serving patient of Moorfield’s eye hospital to ingeniously fill in.  She believes they can jointly advance the innovative creation of an unprecedented framework that will transform the way women handle life and boost their self-confidence.

”Women who feel negative about some of their life situations could have a negative perspective of how they view themselves, including their appearances. Our approach is to make women feel at home once they walk into our environment. At EbonyPink we believe our connection with one another is an empowering gift that can help encourage change from within.”

The alliance with talented Chris Telesford may indeed be a marriage made in heaven which will translate into a unique application that will completely disrupt and shake the industry.

Jordan closes by saying:

”I am very excited about the prospect of working with Chris, he is very talented. He sees our vision and understands our future thinking; thereby making our joint outlook a perfect match”.

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