Katie Hopkins is like Marmite and right now there is no reason to hate her. She has undoubtedly changed our views and feelings towards her. For some reason we just love her. I hate to say it but she is kind of crazy cool. We are glad to see the back of outdated Ken, who portrays himself like one living in the 60’s. His views on women were not endearing at all, to put it mildly.

Alexander O’Neal on the other hand is a big old teddy bear; you’ve got to love his live performance to the house. He subliminally sang ‘Criticize’ to Perez Hilton, you sly little dog, you.

One can’t constantly feel sorry for Perez, he’s made his millions from gossiping and targeting people so we can all agree there’s nothing worse than someone who can give the digs but cannot take them. I purchased some footballs the other day; I wonder if he could do with them,-the Operative partial word being ‘Balls’.

An unexpected friendship has blossomed with Chloe and Michelle. The Nation surely loves them both right now. Michelle is like a gargling volcano, always staying somewhat docile with the clear warning signs she will blow at any minute. Wait for the eruption, I give her a few days!! And last but not least, Chloe Goodman is sweet and smart to say the least. I respect her for showing the Nation she has brains and can hold an intellectual conversation as well as hold her own in a disagreement. We definitely felt for her when she had that experience in the toilets with what’s his name (exactly, he is already forgotten), she is such a nice person that it genuinely hurt to watch as she explained whilst justifying his actions all because she had done page 3 previously. Shows us her nature as a young woman for being not only overly sweet but vulnerable and she doesn’t need to justify herself to us, we are all on her side with this one. If I could I would bottle Michelle Visage voice and listen to it at my beckon call, that tone is something to enjoy but despite the husky vocals Katie Hopkins is a clear favourite for that Crown as Celebrity Big Brothers winner.

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