Uni Students Swamp Us With Applications

Uni Students Swamp Us With Applications

By Gabriel Princewill-

University students from four different universities have swamped the eye of media.com with applications for work.

The applications have been coming in heavily in the last two months, with students expressing great interest and admiration for our work here at the eye of media.
Media and English students have been the main applicants, Pouring in mainly from Luton, East London, Kings College, Leeds, and Newcastle Universities respectively.

Most applicants are keen to start work with the eye of media.com from this summer when final year students would have graduated, but we have had uni students also expressing an interest in writing for us from time to time during term times.


The eye of.media.com is open to applications for writing from competent contributors with a strong eye for captivating stories and quality analysis. Some of our current writers are recent graduates of just about five years, and we have featured the articles of a few undergraduates who are still in the process of completing their degree courses.


However, because we already have an already growing team, we will be very selective in our choices, and would generally want to assess prospective writers over at least a four week period of writing before taking them on permanently or discussing any payments or wage packages.

It is, therefore, logical for aspiring writers with our team to present their ideas to us and commence writing at least four weeks before their preferred date of permanently joining us.


A good CV is only fundamental to our selection process, but originality, presentation, and consistency are more valuable attributes we seek in writers, in addition to humility to accept correction and also the rejection of articles judged insufficiently fit for publication.


We respect the right to freedom of expression within reasonable bands but emphasize the strive for objectivity ‘as far as possible’ from our writers. We also welcome applications for talk show presenters on our internet radio platform, subject to the same processes required for writing articles.

We want people who have a positive voice and make a difference in our society and our world.

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