Actress/Singer Rita Wilson and wife to the legendary Tom Hanks has revealed she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy just like Brad Pitts wife Angelina Jolie. The “Sleepless in Seattle” actress has also undergone instant reconstructive surgery following her op.



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The 58 year old singer released an album back in 2012, and despite laying low she released a brand new song and video for the Hanksters called Girls Night In last month.


“I wanted to capture the joy and glee I experience when I have my girlfriends over and there is complete abandon in our time together. It’s like the circle of love just gets bigger and grows.”  This gives us great insight into the singers feelings. The  support of friends can be very useful in lifting one’s spirit in the darkest of times.


Due to her diagnoses Rita has had to take leave from her current play ‘Fish in the Dark’  in order to deal with her unfortunate health issues. Mrs Hanks divulged how her operation took place just last week with her husband Tom by her side. The graceful actress underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancerafter a diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma. This is normally the case for any female who catches the cancer early, doctors will move fast and remove the breast tissue effective immediately and give you the best from of reconstruction they can. Check out Eye of Media’s story that also covered Angelina Jolie’s cancer story: How she confronted her cancer scare.

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 Thankfully Rita caught her carcinoma early and is expected to make a full recovery. WHY? Because “The Brady Bunch” actress caught it early! Thank God. Sometimes a second opinion is not always the worst thing and Rita’s story proves it.


“I have had an underlying condition known as LCIS, (lobular carcinoma in situ) which has been vigilantly monitored through yearly mammograms and breast MRIs. Recently, after two surgical breast biopsies, PLCIS (pleomorphic carcinoma in situ) was discovered. I mention this because there is much unknown about PLCIS and it is often found alongside DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). I was relieved when the pathology showed no cancer


Scary to think you can be on the lookout for many years and no alarms are raised. TRUST YOUR INSTINCT.




Rita has expressed the huge moral support she gets from her friend. A friend with a silver lining indeed! A friend she most likely feels she owes her life to right now. The fact her close friend has also suffered with breast cancer years before, and advised  Rita to get a second opinion was a turning point for her. Doctor’s play a very vital role in society, and we must never underestimate their value. There is nothing to loose, but everything togain by conducting regular checks with your doctor. Despite no signs showing up on Rita’s pathology tests, she went to see a different pathologist who found invasive lobular carcinoma after further examination. His diagnosis of cancer was confirmed by another pathologist.


“I share this to educate others that a second opinion is critical to your health. You have nothing to lose if both opinions match up for the good, and everything to gain if something that was missed is found, which does happen. Early diagnosis is key”


If anything good can come from this it will be too trust your intuition. A second or even a third opinion is always useful especially where one has any suspicions of misdiagnosis.

We at  THE EYE OF MEDIA wish you a speedy recovery and a quick return to complete your role in “Fish in the Dark”

“Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson 836” by photo by Alan Light. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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