With 2015 firmly behind us now, it is time for all people in relationships to reflect on the quality of their interconnected lives.

Times have changed, and gone are the days when a well to do man will want a woman with absolutely nothing, to be dependent on him. In this day and age, the number of women who are emotionally and financially dependent is far on the rise.

In fact there are several examples of relationships where the man is entirely dependent on the woman, and often even uses her for accommodation, to support his livelihood, and many times even his habits. The ideal balance is for both parties to be in financially stable jobs and contributing almost on a level playing field to the interests of the home and the relationship.

Women who stay in violent relationships need to reflect hard on the dangers of doing so. Men who get physical with their women more often than not lack the skills and maturity to engage in serious and intelligent discussion with his spouse, making resolution of the issues at hand uppermost in the discussion. Staying in a relationship because you feel you love the other partner is actually very foolish if the partner in question continuously demonstrates the tendency to cross the and get physical. A majority of deaths arising from domestic violence were avoidable if the dead individual had run a mile the first or second time they were struck by their partner.

Ofcourse, their are women who initiate the violence in some relationships. A sensible man will assess the reasons she chooses violence to express her anger, and try to work with her to change the situation. Where this fails, it is often better to walk away from it. When their are kids in the relationship, it can sometimes influence the decision to stay or leave. However, the smart thing to do is weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, opting for the safer measure of protecting your mental well being and most importantly, your life. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

There are even relationships that are free from violence, but where one partner is a total looser, refusing to work or do anything to better their life. The jobless partner who is making clear efforts to find work should be continuously supported, but the one who is resigned to dependence on their partner and others should be told to go and find another loser like them. Only individuals lacking enough personal confidence will stay with a loser who shows no signs of improvement. It is better to be alone than stay with someone who is no good even if you fear they will be taken by someone else. Sometimes, when the bum realizes you are prepared to let them go, they may smell the coffee and start playing according to the sensible rules of life.

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