Essex Rogue Landlord In Double Court Case Over Property

Essex Rogue Landlord In Double Court Case Over Property

By Joshua Dare-

Essex rogue Landlord, Robert Crowe is facing two court cases next week over his property. The court cases will be running one day after the other on the 16th and the 17 the of April.

One of the cases is with respect to Mortgage arrears being claimed by the Bank of Ireland, whilst the other court case relates to a claim against the 69 year old by Southend Council over the state of his £800,000 property.

The Bank of Ireland imposed some extra £6,000 pounds from the leaseholder on mr.Crow, but the claim was temporarily dismissed by a judge in March who insisted that the claimants properly set out their claim.

Meanwhile, Southend Council has applied to the courts charging mr.Crow for presiding over an HMO property left in a poor and unhygienic condition not fit for habitation.

Crow, who takes in the homeless, is one of the most notorious landlords in Essex. His property is regularly visited by the local police because of frequent altercations by many of his unsavory tenants. Arrests at Devereux Road in one of Southend’s most affluent spots has angered neighbours, the latest this week over a racial incident on the property.

However, on Friday mr.Crow remained defiant. He told The Eye Of Media.Com ” I think this will be an opportunity to expose Southend Council as a rogue Council, One of the worst in Britain. I don’t agree with their claim. Also, the claim by the Bank of Ireland is a load of nonsense. It includes trumped up charges by the leaseholder which I strongly dispute.

Crowe is also being chased by Southend Council for a Council tax bill of £4,000 for the self-contained property. The Eye of Com has asked the Council some months back to address a discrepancy between the Council Tax bill and an HMO fine of nearly £40,000 given by Chelmsford Magistrates Court in 2016. Mr.Crowe has since been asked to send written evidence of all his tenants to clarify the correct charges.

Crowe last week ejected three of his tenants whom he claimed to have mental health issues and were in rent arrears, but has kept three other tenants who are also in arrears but given them another week to pay up or be removed.

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