American superstar, Beyonce has revealed the secret to her fabulous physique in a book written by Marco Bourge.
The world wide celebrity, who recently signed 3 teens to her Parkwood management company admitted to previously being a foodie who indulged in all sorts of foods claimed in the forward section of the book that the diet ”whipped her into the best shape of her life”. She says ”if a Houston born foodie like me can do it, then you can too. Just try it for 22days. The multi-award grammy winner who only a few days ago snapped up sister act duo, Chloe Bailey and Haille Bailey along with 2012’s x factor finalist, Sophie Beem, who is only 14 years of age stretching a lucrative deal over a 5 year period for a colossal $1.5million is set to make a killing from her entrepreneurship endeavours of late.

Her endorsement of his book will no doubt boost sales for Bourge and may also do a lot in promoting the vegan diet, which is already becoming popular amongst health enthusiasts and women who really want to look their best. She will be getting looked after for her endorsement of the book. Beyonce has always looked up to experts in their field for inspiration and modelled herself after their best attributes. She told fans that she had looked up to Madonna as an inspiration to many of her ventures. She stated:

‘I started my own company when I decided to manage myself. It was important that I didn’t go to some big management company, I felt like I wanted to follow the footsteps of Madonna and be a powerhouse and have my own empire, and show other women when you get to this point in your career you don’t have to go sign with someone else and share your money and your success – you do it yourself.’ Taking hold of the reigns after releasing her father and long term manager Matthew Knowles due to major family issues.

Marco Bourge’s diet is based on whole food plants and involves complete abstinence from meat, eggs, dairy products, alcohol and all processed foods for 22 days- the prescribed length of time necessary for the body and mind to adjust to new diet patterns. With the crave for an excellent figure widely contrasted with the general lack of discipline many have, this will be a useful challenge for those who really want to look their best. Her percentage for her role in promotion has not been publicly disclosed, but a source in the American media in the U.S told eye of media she will be getting ‘ a handsome’ slice of the cake if the book does as well as expected with the American singing queen.

The singer is already greatly admired by youths all over the world; the father of the newly signed teens already told of how his daughters ‘worships’ the singer, describing the deal as a dream come true for them. With her newly endorsed diet, expect a new hoard of aspiring artists to go vegan, with the author set to make a killing of his own in the process. Madonna might be about to give us the next generation of music stars, in the same manner that Madonna did with her company, ‘Maverick’. Jay z describes him as ‘the best trainer’ in the world. Marco Borge has been teaching about healthy living for over 20 years and combines the idea of good nutrition with a disciplined lifestyle of training.

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