Northumbria Police Catch Balaclava Gang In Stolen Car

Northumbria Police Catch Balaclava Gang In Stolen Car

By James Simons-

An armed gang wearing balaclavas were caught by police after they made off in a stolen car.The gang raided a property in Sheffield, and managed to steal a car which they were driving off in. They had practically got away with it when police from Nottinghamshire spoted the car near the A614 near Ollerton.

The thieves took off and a fierce chase followed, but a stiner device used by police stopped the robbers on Burnstumphill near Calverston, Nottingham, at about 4 pm. The gang abandoned the car and fled on foot, prompting a helicopter chase with a dog unit on side. The incident happened in the early hours of Thursday morning, and it was somewhat miraculous that they were caught the same day.

The three men were arrested and taken back to Sheffield police station for questionning. The eye of heard that the victims of the car theft were absolutley relieved to discover the car had been recovered, after being shaken by the experience. The incident shows that no matter how certain escape may appear, the culprit of a crime can always get caught.

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Sheffield police have refused to disclose much information about the incident at this early stage of the investigation into what occured. The car was throughly searched and the eye of have heard that some of the homes of the perpetrators have also bene searched. At the time of writing, there was no news as to whether any charges had been brought, but a little bird tells us that charges will definitely follow.

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