Women Accusing Men Of Rape To Explain Off Cheating

Women Accusing Men Of Rape To Explain Off Cheating

By Ashley Young

A number of women accuse men of rape as an escape of punishment for cheating. Whilst, police and courts do their best to catch and prosecute perpetrators of rape, some women complicate matters for genuine victims by pleading rape when in fact, they have cheated.

Very few men are aware of this possibility and are at the mercy of women when it comes to false rape allegations. Some women who are caught cheating lack the decency and honesty to admit their infidelity, but instead conveniently blame an innocent man of raping them. On Thursday evening, a woman of 24 in Tufnell Park, West London, accused a man of raping her, scaring the life out of him for nearly 24 hours. She called the police, but was frantically begged by the man and three of his friends who were very scared for him.

All five men and two women present at the get together in the five bedroom house in Merver Road, Tufnell Park, told the woman they would testify that she was flirtung with the man in the evening, and accompanied him to the bedroom later that night. This fact in itself, does not prove the man did not rape her, since they were not present in the bedroom. However, the woman who slept throught the night after their fling, did not raise alarm until word got to her boyfriend that she had slept with the man, who we won’t name.

When the man called his girlfriend to take issue with her, she claimed to have been spiked and alleged rape. Going into a hysteria the next morning, she threatened to call the police and actually dialled 999, but some of the frightened guests present intervened and took the phone from her. When police called the phone back, she said ” sorry, it was an accident, I am a bit drunk”. The girl told guests at the party, aslo attended by two members of the eye of media.com, that she did not remember going to the room with the man.

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However, her lapse in memory does not mean she was raped, but she could technically have had a victorious day in court. A man has a duty to ensure that a woman is consenting to sex, and being drunk can present a complicated mix into the equation. A woman can consent to sex in a drunken state, but if she had no idea what she was doing, and the man did, he could go down for rape. If the man was drunk as well, this should exonerate him, but such assumption would be naive.


The law tends to lean on the woman side, so that what would matter most is whether in his drunken state, he was aware she was in no state t give a genuine consent. This is always going to be a value judgement, and depend largely on who a jury believes when all the circumstances of the story is considered. Many men have got away with sleeping with drunk girls, infact, many plot a drunk scenario with a woman.

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What they fail to realise is that if the woman denies consenting to it, the man may be up for a long time away in jail, or at best, a 9 month remand period in jail before a hearing. Sex should always occur between two loving couples, not random couples who are drunk and horny. The man drove to the property around 7pm in the morning, but his girlfriend and he rone night stand had left before he arrived. They left separately.

The man told the eye of media.com ” I have learnt a very big lesson. My heart was palpitating fast, I saw everything I had worked to achieve suddenly appear meaningless. She was definitely on me, squizzing me tight all over. She yanked my shirt off at one point and bit my lip when we were kissing during the foreplay build up. I was a bit drunk myself to be honest, but she definitely consented to it”.

The eye of media.com was  unable to contact the girl my phone, but all account from her friends is that her boyfriend is distraught, but will not leave her. The all night get together was a celebration of a girls 25 th birthday party, where drink flowed freely. A group of boys and girls frequently locked themselves up in the bathroom, leading to suspicions they were taken cocaine. However, the celebrant, who did not wish to identify herself with this story told the eye of media.com ”I am not aware any cocaine was snorted in my party. It was a great night, almost ruine din the morning by the allegation, but I am glad it was sorted out”.

Those who know the man well say there is no way he would have raped her. One friend of the girl told the eye of media.com ” I think she felt trapped when word was passed to her boyfriend. It was naughty of the person who passed that information on. It’s nothing new, some women think it is worth alleging rape than getting caught cheating. She had snogge dhim earlier that night, so I think chances are that she wanted the sex”,but was ahamed when her boyfriend foun dout.

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