Summer Tuition For Uk Children In Scarce Supply

Summer Tuition For Uk Children In Scarce Supply

By Gavin Mackintosh-

Parents of primary school children in the Uk are complaining that there are not enough summer classes for their children.

Many parents have complained to the eye of that there are hardly any coaching classes for primary and secondary school children to keep them occupied in the summer.

Children in primary and secondary schools often find themselves in the company of their peers, television, and social media in the summer. There is very limited stimultion or motivation for continuous intellectual development. Parents who themselves never benefited from good quality encouragement and tuition, are sometimes to caught up in their day to day affairs to contemplate the value of summer tuition. Children of parents who appreciate summer tuition, often benefit in private.

There are very few productive and inspiring summer coaches in the UKto keep children motivated. Children generally need to be motivated throughout the year, but not many avenues are present to help them.

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31 year old Sheila Palmerson from Leyton told the eye of” there needs to be more summer coaches to keep children motivated and develop their skills. Someone needs to get this started to bring the best out of our chidren. We don’t want them just left roaming the streets”.

Summer classes are common place in many cities in America, Africa, Asia, and China, but for some reason don’t seem to be commin place in the UK. Children from Aristocratic backgrounds are regularly placed in high standard summer schools which are expensive, but there isn’t much available for the average children from less well off backrounds .


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Ambitious and educated parents in the UK arrange special summer lessons for their children, but these are usually one to one tuiton, which can be very useful. However, there appears to be a need for group classes in smaller numbers for children from families who cannot afford quality one to one coaching. There will need to be a disciplined environment for such classes, conducted by hogh quality graduates and academics. The importanc eof group tuition in some neighbourhoods is to promote the value of continuous education, and foster a community of togetherness and a shared vision.


More academics and graduates need to put up services to help tutor several children and teenagers. The eye of are appealing for more quality summer coachings at affordable prices to be set up to help children and teens particularly in deprived and gang ridden areas. The summer time should be a time when children build on their strenghts and enhance the standard of their education in a stimulating environment.

An environment that stimulates healthy competition and works on the creative skills of youngsters is in desperate need. Many children need their confidence built up by patient tutors whom children can confide in. Most children can excel when placed in an atmosphere that identifies their issues and operates in a steadfast manner to build them into notably more capable children by the new semester in September.


Most children go from one year to another without correcting mistakes from the previous years. The eye of have discovered from research that most children who fall short in their eleven plus exams, do not have anybody to go through the 11 plus test to point out where they fell short, so that they can learn. 36 year old Amanda Holland told the eye of ” we don’t even get the results back with their exact papers, so how can they even see where they went wrong?

Once the results are out, all most parents and children care about is whether thy passed or fell short, nobody thinks about going through the paper to corect their errors or fill in the gaps in their knowledge”.

This is an area that needs to be addressed, so that parents who wish to go through the 11 pls test their children sat, can request the paper and go through it with their children. Otherwise, the child goes from primary school to secondary school without improving on their weaknesse sin primary school. The same should apply for children going from one year to a higher year in secondary school.


Good progress demands a framework where children can be  carefully taken through the curriculum by dedicated tutors in a manner they makes them feel more enlightened and confident about given subjects.

The eye of plans to contribute to establishing tuitions of the kind that will raise the potential of children, and thereby improve their  future prospects.It could be the key to reducung violence and crime, if an excellent environment is created for children in many boroughs to bring the best out of them.

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