White House Calls On Media To Scrutinize Impeachment Based On Lies

White House Calls On Media To Scrutinize Impeachment Based On Lies

By Aaron Miller-

Washington, D.C. – The White House has responded vehemently to the recent announcement by House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding a potential impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

In a 16-page document, top aide Ian Sams urged the media to exercise critical scrutiny over what the White House has termed an “inquiry based on lies.”

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While it is customary for White House officials to engage with the media, this detailed document underscores the gravity with which the administration is approaching the looming threat of impeachment.

Mr. Sams addressed the memo to “editorial leaders at US news media organizations,” emphasizing the importance of objective reporting and fact-checking.

“After nearly nine months of investigating, House Republicans haven’t been able to turn up any evidence of the President doing anything wrong,” wrote Mr. Sams in the document.

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“For years, Republicans in Congress have tried to muddy the waters by attracting media coverage of their allegations, and as they choose to move forward with impeachment, it is the responsibility of the independent press to treat their claims with the appropriate scrutiny.”

The memo includes multiple pages containing detailed rebuttals to the allegations made by Republicans. President Biden’s aides appear determined to challenge the impeachment threat head-on.

President Biden himself addressed the situation at a campaign event, stating, “First they just wanted to impeach me. Now, best as I can tell, they want to impeach me because they want to shut down the government.”

The grounds for the potential impeachment inquiry primarily revolve around President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his business dealings abroad.

Republicans have long scrutinized Hunter Biden, alleging that he used his father’s influence to secure deals and enrich himself. They have conducted hearings and investigations through the House oversight committee over the past nine months.

Hunter Biden has recently faced the prospect of federal gun charges after a plea deal related to firearms and separate tax violations fell apart in court.

While conservatives in Congress have sought to link Hunter Biden’s actions to his father, they have yet to produce concrete evidence implicating the president in any wrongdoing.

Nevertheless, right-wing Republicans have been increasingly vocal about their desire to impeach President Biden, with Speaker McCarthy lending his support to these efforts.

While they have unveiled their primary allegations, they have not moved forward with voting on articles of impeachment.

The allegations against the Biden family include accusations of “influence peddling” abroad and benefiting from foreign sources.

Republicans also claim that President Biden participated in phone calls with Hunter Biden’s business associates to further his son’s interests, obstructed the investigation into his son’s taxes, and engaged in an alleged but unsubstantiated bribery scheme.

US outlet Axios reported that two claims made by President Biden – that he had not met any of his son’s Ukrainian business associates while vice-president and that his son had not made any money from China – were contradicted by testimony from Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer.

However, Archer, who was convicted on federal tax crimes, stated during a closed-door congressional hearing in July that he was not aware of any wrongdoing by Joe Biden.

The White House has responded to these allegations, outlining their rebuttals in the Wednesday memo. The administration appears committed to providing a comprehensive and factual response to the impeachment threat that has stirred debate and dissent within the Republican Party.

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