Ricky And Monty Co Creator Justin Rowland Accused  Of Sexual Assault

Ricky And Monty Co Creator Justin Rowland Accused Of Sexual Assault

By Isabelle Wilson-

 Justin Roiland, renowned co-creator and voice behind the hit Adult Swim animated series ‘Rick and Morty,’ faces a fresh wave of allegations of sexual assault.

After previously being cleared of domestic violence charges earlier this year, Roiland now finds himself at the center of a disturbing scandal involving accusations of sexual assault and exploiting his fame to pursue young fans.

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The shocking claims have been brought to light based on interviews with 11 women and non-binary individuals who recount their interactions with Roiland between 2013 and 2022.

The report also includes the sharing of thousands of text messages, emails, social media interactions, and dating app messages exchanged  between the accuse and the star.

Among the allegations, nine individuals claimed that their interactions with Roiland took a sexual turn. Most alarmingly, three of them alleged that they were only 16 years old when these exchanges began, raising serious concerns about the exploitation of minors.

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Denials and Counterclaims

In response to these accusations, Justin Roiland’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, vehemently denied the allegations, branding them as “false and defamatory.”

While one woman accused Roiland of forcing her to perform oral sex in March 2019, Brettler’s response did not specifically address this allegation.

Instead, he asserted that the woman had later offered to sell explicit videos to Roiland, leaving him feeling “duped and taken advantage of.”

Another woman alleged that Roiland took advantage of her while she was intoxicated in March 2017. Roiland’s lawyer claimed that the encounter was consensual, a point disputed by the woman involved. Both women stated that they confronted Roiland, who apologized for his actions.

Two individuals claimed to have began interacting with Roiland when they were only 16 years old. Shockingly, messages were shared in which Roiland referred to them as “jailbait,” a derogatory term used to describe underage individuals whom men find attractive.

Furthermore, another person alleged that Roiland invited them to a party in 2019, encouraging them to drink despite being underage and expressing reluctance to do so.

NBC News which broke the story, noted that seven of the people interviewed had previously shared their allegations on social media, with most coming forward in the wake of the dismissed domestic abuse charges earlier this year.

After the charges were dropped, Justin Roiland posted the word “justice” on social media, expressing his relief at the dismissal but also revealing that he was deeply shaken by the allegations. He vowed to focus on his creative projects and restore his good name.

Despite the dismissal of the domestic abuse charges, the fallout has been significant for Justin Roiland. Adult Swim, the channel that airs ‘Rick and Morty,’ cut ties with the co-creator, further complicating his professional future.

As these disturbing allegations continue to make headlines, the entertainment industry faces yet another reckoning with the issues of abuse of power and inappropriate conduct by high-profile figures.

Justin Roiland’s future in the industry remains uncertain as public opinion and legal proceedings develop in response to these allegations.

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