Wetherspoon Pubs Make It To Tope Ten Best And Worse Chain Boozers

Wetherspoon Pubs Make It To Tope Ten Best And Worse Chain Boozers

By Tony O’Reilly-

Wetherspoon pubs in London have made into the top ten best and worst of the chain’s boozers in the UK.

The number one spot in the country was handed to a Manchester branch, The Bishop Blaize.

Capeesh Restaurant

AD: Capeesh Restaurant

Dominated by Northern venues, only one London pub made the cut.

The Greenwood Hotel in Ealing made it to fourth place in the list of the UK’s top Wetherspoons, while The White Swan pub in Islington was the third worst ‘Spoons in the country.

A study conducted by a team of experts at QR Code Generator analysed the ratings of 869 Wetherspoons pubs and hotels, and created the top 10 best and worst rankings based on the average total percentage of excellent reviews on Google Reviews.

Oysterian Sea Food Restaurant And Bar

AD: Oysterian Sea Food Restaurant And Bar

The Greenwood Hotel, situated in a redbrick Edwardian-style building just three miles from the iconic Wembley Stadium, has an overall rating of 4.3 stars on Google, from 1,653 reviews.

More than 57 per cent of these reviews are five star, or ‘excellent’.

The pub, also close to the Royal Air Force Museum London and the Royal Botanic Gardens, was highly praised in reviews for its comfortable lodging and reasonable drink prices.

Complimentary Wi-Fi, walk-in showers and flat-screen TVs are among the amenities it offers for those staying in its hotel rooms.

In her Google review, guest Sarah L said: “Really comfortable night’s sleep.

“Room large and clean with everything you need.

“Pub below sells good food and very cheap drinks!

“Definitely recommend.”

Another visitor, James C, said the breakfast in particular was “brilliant” and that the location was “fantastic”.

On a less complimentary note, The White Swan in London made the list of the 10 lowest-rated Wetherspoons in the UK.

Located in Upper Street, it is known to be popular with football fans, and for its budget drink deals.

Of the 2,061 Google reviews, it averages a rating of 3.7 stars – with just under 32 per cent of visitors leaving an ‘excellent’ review.

Some customers have had less than pleasant experiences.

Lorenzo, a visitor who left a one-star review after his visit a month ago, said: “A one star review even seems too much for a terrible establishment like this.

“Beyond dreadful.”

Tanya N added that “it was an absolute disgrace to the Wetherspoons chain”.

However, some did praise the pub, like reviewer Matthias M who left a four-star review.

He said: “If you are in Highbury and Islington and are looking for a pub with good beer prices, don’t miss out at that spoons.

“Friendly bar staff and most important: a great selection of ales for a great price.”

National ratings
The top 10 Wetherspoons in the UK, according to percentage of 5-star reviews:

1. The Bishop Blazier, Manchester – 60.34

2. Royal Victoria Pavilion, Kent – 58.48

3. The Caley Picture, Edinburgh – 57.82

4. The Greenwood Hotel, London – 57.80

5. Stick or Twist, Leeds – 57.13

6. The Golden Beam, Leeds – 56.71

7. The William Adams, Norfolk – 55.53

8. The Prense Well, Merseyside – 55.40

9. The Velvet Coaster, Lancashire – 55.07

10. The Buck Inn, North Yorkshire – 54.97

The 10 Wetherspoons with the lowest percentage of 5-star ratings in the UK:

1. The Atrium, Birmingham – 20.19%

2. The Albany Palace, Wiltshire – 31.76%

3. The White Swan, London – 31.86%

4. Grover & Allen, Suffolk – 31.91%

5. The William Aylmer, Essex – 32.09%

6. The Flying Horse, West Sussex – 32.38%

7. The Three Fishes, West Sussex – 32.63%

8. The Lord Wimborne, Dorset – 33.12%

9. The Elizabeth of York, West Midlands – 33.16%

10. The Standing Order, Hertfordshire – 33.21%

Heritage And Restaurant Lounge Bar

AD: Heritage And Restaurant Lounge Bar

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