Tupac Biopic Epic Released Online

Tupac Biopic Epic Released Online

By Eric King-

The biopic epic trailer about the life of murdered rapper Tupac is out, with the real thing about to land.

News of the film comes just over 24 hours after a confession letter about the murder of the enigmatic American rapper of the 90’s.


Tupac’ s death has always been shrouded in as much controversy as his life was . Many have claimed that one of America’ s most intelligent rapper isn’t really dead but hiding in Cuba.

The recent letter presented to the media claims Tupac was killed over a stolen track , and that his killer was paid 80, 000 to pull the trigger.


Conflicting reports initially claimed he died over a fight he had at a Mike Tyson fight ; the precise details about his life and alleged death has always been somewhat shady .

Written by Demetrius Shipp, actors and actresses include Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohen, Jamie Hector, and Annie Honzeh.


Tupac was 25 years of age when he was gunned down in Last Vegas. His killer was never found, but conspiracy theorists are convinced his death was staged and covered up.

The forthcoming film is not expected to address the cover up theory, but will be incomplete without it.


Incomplete, because a strong look alike has been revealed in pictures a few times, and should be refuted if the picture isn’t really Tupac.

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