Three Birmingham Police Officers Filmed Violently Attacking Suspect

Three Birmingham Police Officers Filmed Violently Attacking Suspect

By Ashley Young-

Three police constables have been filmed hitting a man with a baton, following a drug search.The film, which has been shared many times on social media, shows plainclothes officers searching a vehicle for drugs.

Words are exchanged and violence erupts, with a man who appears to be British Asian knocked to the ground and struck several times with a baton by officers

.The West Midlands cops were subsequently removed from their frontline duties after an initial inquiry into footage that showed a baton being showing a baton being used to detain a suspect following a vehicle stop.

West Midlands police have also referred the incident which took place in Birmingham to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. In another disgraceful example of police brutality, the officers felt they could act as they pleased and attack a suspect so violently. Like plenty of other officers round the world who have been caught on film breaching codes of practise, these officers did not expect they would be filmed.

Our current age of widely accessible technology did not hint to the real possibility that somebody would capture the moments on film that would reveal their excessive force and abuse of power.

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Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, Khalid Mahmood, described the footage as “concerning”, but called for calm and said the matter was being investigated.

Mahmood said: “I am extremely concerned about what has gone on and how it was dealt with … I have already spoken to the police and they are looking into it … the police have been proactive about this.”

He added: “I don’t want people to think this is the norm, it’s an isolated case and there should not be a rise in tensions at all. I want to reassure people we are looking at it.” A more obvious question to ask is why the officers in this case have not been arrested and charged, since their offence is evident. Referring the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission should be seen as potentially a cop out from making an initial arrest and charge.

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The men might have said something provocative or even not been immediately co-operative, but the film shows nothing to suggest they displayed any violence to deserve attack by the police who should have been conducting their job in a professional manner.


A police spokesman said: “West Midlands police has conducted an initial investigation into footage circulated on social media featuring officers carrying out an arrest. Following the investigation, a decision has been made to refer the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

“Three local neighbourhood officers – all of constable rank – will be redeployed to other work but will not be engaged in duties outside a police station.” Ordinary decent members of the public can be forgiven for expecting officers who have committed a crime to be suspended or fired, just like will be expected of officials in any public office. The statement by police did not provide any explanation or justification for the shocking police violence caught on film.

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