Do Addicts Bring Curse Of Lethal Heroin On Themselves ?

Do Addicts Bring Curse Of Lethal Heroin On Themselves ?

By Gary Reed-

 Do Heroin addicts undertand the risks of contaminated heroin upon themselves? Their decison to buy heroin is not an automatic call to be subjected to life threatning attacks ignited by self centred drug dealers selling contaminated batches of heroin.

The drug industry is getting so big these days, that some drug dealers would do anything to distinguish the quality of their drugs from others in the market. This sometims means adding strong chemicals to enhance the strength of the drug.

Most heroin addicts are victims of their own boundless indulgence.  They are mostly trying to escape a life of misery or misfortune, but then find themsleves locked in a web of desperation and addiction.

The news  that several heroin addicts have died as a result of fentanyl, confirms the ongoing danger of uncontrolled drugs on the streets. Addicts will literally sell their belongings, and the belongings of others, just to sustain their hopeless drug habit. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than Morphine. It is generally used for anasthesia and analsgesia, which is when a state of  temporary induced loss of sensation or awareness is deliberately created.

Heroin is a killer, even without being exacerbated by lethal substances . Heroin deliberately contaminated with poisonous and dangerous substances come with the dangerous life of drug addicts, who contribute to the financial prosperity of their dealers. Make no mistake, heroin is itself a posionous and dangerous drug which can be made fatal once other substances are mixed with it to amplify its strength.

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Their gripping addiction makes all other things appear irrelvant as they relentlessly pursue their quest for heroin and other hard drugs. Addicts have access to methadone to faciltate the process of giving up, but they are required to attend regular meetings set up by organisations offering to help drug addicts recover.


Some heroin addicts claim to lack the patience to sit through a whole meeting or discussion about their addiction. Their urge for the next hit is destabilising according to many addicts. Once theyir crave for the drug reaches fever point, they start to fall ill, and would at that point do anything to get their fix. Dealers believe that the stronger the heroine is, the more likely their punters will single them out from rival dealers, and shift their custom to them.

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Those dealers who have infected heroin with fentanyl fen should have a guilty conscience on hearing about the number of deaths that have occured as a result of their dangerous service. Drug addicts must still take responsibility for their sticky addiction that sends them running back and forth to dug dealers with every bit of money they can get their hands on.

They all know the dangers of the drug that has a grip on them so bad that they abandon all comon sense in pursuit of foolishness. Their level of awareness should be heightened by their daily routine hooked on a drug that provides to them only waist and despair, as they leach of others to support their ugly lifstyle. Drug addicts have no perception of time ; drugs dominate their agenda all hours of the day.

The  call for vigilance by the NCA should be heeded greatly, so that users are aware of the fatal dangers accompanied with heroin. Bad patches have always been there in various parts of the U.K. However, their spread makes one wonder why there has been a sudden influx of bad batches of heroine.


Their suppliers really need to have a hard think about whether the desperation to steal the market and earn loads outweigh that of seeing drug addicts fast track their death because of both drug addiction and exploitation from  over ambitious  dealers like themselves. Ultimately, these addicts have to solve their own puzzle and learn very quickly that only they can liberate themselves from the addiction that has so badly gripped their lives.

Otherwise they will suffer the eternal consequences of their stupidity, though caused by many other influences.The reality of desperation ending in fatality is a mistake too costly for any human being to inflict on themselves. .

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