South Africa: Nigerian Man Burnt Alive In Xenophobia Attack Over His Accent

South Africa: Nigerian Man Burnt Alive In Xenophobia Attack Over His Accent

By Joshua Dare

Xenophobia in South Africa has continued to extend its evil hands in murderous acts by burning alive a Nigerian man over his accent.

Clement Nwaogu, who was burnt alive by a mob in what is now the 119th killing of Nigerians in South Africa.

The victim, a native of Njikoka in Anambra State in Nigeria,  and an upholsterer in South Africa was attacked and killed by a mob in Rustenburg, North West Province. The victim was murdered in cold blood by citizens of the former Apartheid enclave, The Eye Of Media.Com has heard. He was killed by his accent and custom, which the mobsters found offensive.

Eyewitnesses claim the victim asked for help from the police to intervene and help him, but police turned a blind eye.The Publicity Secretary of the Nigeria Union in South Africa, Mr Habib Miller, told The Eye Of Media.Com:

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“When Nwaogu ran for safety, but the mob chased and caught him, then poured petrol on him and set him ablaze,” he said. Disturbed passers-by eventually called emergency personnel, who later took the victim’s charred body to the hospital. He died at Job Shimankane Hospital in Rustenburg,” he said.


Miller also pointed out that 14 Nigerians later protested the killing of a fellow citizen in that country’s North West Province in February is still in detention.
Miller disturbingly claims that the police officers murdered the Nigerian in cold blood on Dec. 17 after failing to extort money from the victim.

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“Our legal team is doing everything possible to facilitate the release of the protesters.

“We are worried that nothing has been done by the Nigerian government to stop the killings.

“We once again call on the Nigerian mission in South Africa to do the needful urgently because things are getting out of hand.

“The union with its legal desk will follow up the matter with the appropriate institutions until justice prevails,” he added.

Nwaogu was married to a South African and is survived by two children; aged three and five years. The mass killings of Nigerians in South Africa is a reminder of the prevailing evil among many of South African’s mobs, who are just as bad as the former apartheid regime they claim to detest.

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