New CCTV Shows British Doctor Near Where Body Was Found In Greek Island

New CCTV Shows British Doctor Near Where Body Was Found In Greek Island

By Charlotte Webster-

CCTV footage has been found which appears to show Dr Michael Mosley falling while walking down a rocky hillside, close to where his body was discovered.

The TV star’s body was discovered in a rocky area close to Agia Marina beach on Sunday following a major five-day search on the Greek island of Symi.

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The failure to find Dr Michael Mosley sooner has been branded “absurd” by critics as searching questions grow over how rescuers missed him during a four-day search.

After a five-day extensive search, his body was discovered near an umbrella beneath a fence encircling a bar on Agia Marina beach, according to local officials.

Dr. Mosley, 67, was last seen leaving Saint Nikolas beach at 1:30 PM, apparently intending to take the coastal path back to the nearby village of Pedi. CCTV footage from a house at the edge of the marina in Pedi, which has not been released to the media, captured him entering a hazardous mountainous trail around 2 PM on Wednesday.

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The search operation for Dr. Mosley was extensive, involving firefighters, search dogs, helicopters, drones, local residents, and police officers from Symi and beyond.

Despite the coordinated efforts, the challenging terrain and the treacherous path where he was last seen complicated the search.

Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, Dr. Mosley’s wife, confirmed his death and paid an emotional tribute to her husband. “He was a wonderful, funny, kind, and brilliant man,” she said, highlighting the profound loss felt by those who knew him personally and professionally.

Dr. Mosley was widely recognized for his contributions to public health through his television programs and books. He was a trusted source of medical advice and was celebrated for making complex health topics accessible to the general public.

His innovative work, including popularizing the 5:2 diet and exploring the benefits of intermittent fasting, earned him a significant following.

The loss of Dr. Mosley is deeply felt across the medical and media communities. His dedication to promoting healthy living and his compassionate approach to medicine touched the lives of many.

His passing marks the end of an era for a figure who was both a pioneer in his field and a cherished public personality.

Authorities on Symi continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Dr. Mosley’s death. As the island mourns, tributes are pouring in from around the world, underscoring the widespread impact of his work and the deep respect he commanded.

Dr. Michael Mosley is survived by his wife, Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, and their family.

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