New Book: Narcissistic Meghan Markle Was Miserable Bully Who Was Impossible To Handle By Aides

New Book: Narcissistic Meghan Markle Was Miserable Bully Who Was Impossible To Handle By Aides

By Lucy Caulkett-

Extracts of a bombshell book about Meghan Markle(pictured) that paints the Duchess Of Sussex in very bad light, and which could be the final nail in the coffin of her reputation in the Uk, has been published in the past 24 hours

The details convey a narcissistic personality of Ms Markle and present her as having joined the royal family for selfish motives, with a plan to leave with a bang through the back door. The book also presents the Duchess to have at times been rude and condescending in her conduct to staff, and unbearable to work for.

Written by Times royal correspondent,Valentine Low, the book, Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown giving a comprehensive outline of events – including his revelations that staff who have since departed the Palace have since labelled themselves “the Sussex Survivors Club.”

One bothersome aspect of the book relates to a message said to have been sent to Prince William’s press team in which Meghan Markle was described as ”a difficult lady”.

The credibility of the claims are yet to be fully examined and must be assumed to have another side to the story.

However, they make grim reading on the surface. Unless the Duchess actually openly disputes the claims in detail, through the media, or the courts, the contents of the book will be believed, as it sells around the world.

What the extracts published in the last 24 hours don’t tell us is whether Meghan Markle was reacting to what she considered bad treatment towards her, or whether the contexts in which many of the claims are made have by any chance been distorted either by those being interviewed.

The details in the book allege that the Duchess of Sussex plotted her departure from the royal family. The allegation is serious but a value judgement without concrete independent evidence presented to the public to support the claims.

The fact the book was written by a reputable royal correspondent for The Times Valentine Low, who has covered the monarchy for a quarter of a century, raises the credibility of the claims for most members of the public.

This does not necessarily make its content completely factual, but it makes it relatively compelling. The world will be waiting to see if a challenge comes at any point.

There could be unknown explanations to fill in the unknowns, like why Meghan Meghan was allegedly caught up in repeated altercations with her staff.. Exactly what those issues were are unknown but could be crucial. At the moment, they don’t look good for Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle was also branded a narcissistic sociopath by her aides who named themselves the ‘Sussex Survivors’ Club’ after Meghan and Harry quit their roles.

The book describes the Sussexes’ deteriorating relationship with their staff – a ‘succession of… decent people’ who had believed in Meghan, and ‘would have done anything’ to help the couple succeed.

It states that aides came to believe that Meghan’s departure was premeditated and that ‘one of [her] concerns was whether she was going to be able to make money for herself’. One ex staff member told the author: ‘She wanted to be rejected, because she was obsessed with that narrative from day one.’

The claims are disturbing and suggest the Duchess of Sussex was unaware of the workings of the royal family and wanted to be able to make money herself.

Oprah Winfrey Interview

The claims are at odds with an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, in which Meghan complained of ill treatment for the royal family to the extent that it made her feel suicidal. In the globally televised interview, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry alleged the perpetuation of falsehoods to the press by the royal institution which she described as ”the firm”.

She then alleged racism by a senior member of the royal family who asked how dark the colour of her unborn child would be.Harry and Meghan detail royal struggles, from discussions of baby's skin  tone to suicidal thoughts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talk to Oprah Winfrey                            Image:ITV.COM

Extracts of the book released shortly after it emerged Prince Harry missed his flight to see the queen before her death due to a row with his father over his desire to bring his wife Meghan Markle along, will send waves of shock and judgement through the media and the British public.

It has been revealed late last week that Prince Harry is said to have snubbed his father’s offer of a meal when the family met in London because of the Duke’s anger that he could not bring his wife along to see the queen.

The history of all the tension in the Palace is believed to have featured in King Charles’s mind, as he suggested it inappropriate for Meghan Markle to come along to a private family coming together to see the Queen in hospital.


Prince Harry understandably did not want his wife to be left out of what could have been the final visit to see the queen and would have known that the media would make something of her absence, if she was not allowed to attend. He viewed the rejection from his father as a negative act isolating his wife from the trip to see the queen,

However, the queen’s hospitalization seen strictly as a family matter by the royal family, led to another bust up between Prince Harry and his father.

The Duke Of Sussex then turned down the opportunity to join his family for a meal, but unresolved wider issues meant the proposed get together would have very inconveniencing for Prince Harry. His absence was seen as a snub, but unresolved issues remain an existing barrier between Prince Harry and his family.

The contents of the book aims to highlight plenty of background to the unresolved issues between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family.

Trail Of False Evidence

Meghan is accused of complaining to Human Resources as a means of deception in order to leave a trail of false evidence, given the fact that Human Resources is meant for staff.

An unknown fact here is whether Meghan is aware of what Human Resources is meant for.

‘This was inevitable: HR is there to deal with employee issues, not members of the Royal Family,’ the book says. ‘Meghan would presumably have known that, so what was she doing there? Laying a trail of evidence, would be the cynical answer.’

A former staff member told Low: ‘Everyone knew that the institution would be judged by her happiness. The mistake they made was thinking that she wanted to be happy.’

The book quotes a source saying that Ms Cohen was ‘bullied’ and that nothing she did was ever good enough for the couple. One source once said: ‘Sam [Cohen] always made clear it was like working for a couple of teenagers. They were impossible and pushed her to the limit. She was miserable.’

Lawyers for the Duchess have in the past described such allegations as ‘massively inaccurate, adding’ that the Duchess has ‘absolutely denied’ bullying anyone.

Independent Investigation

No independent investigation is known to have established the accuracy of the allegations, neither has the Duchess ever given full details of her side of the story.

While an inquiry launched by Buckingham Palace was never concluded despite the Queen personally paying an independent law firm to look into them. They were eventually shelved to ease the tension between the Sussexes and the Palace.


According to the book, tensions were compounded by Harry and Meghan’s ‘deteriorating relationship with two of their aides, Alderton and Young’.

Royal biographer Robert Lacey, said: ‘Meghan came to perceive Young as the inflexible, bureaucratic figure who summed up what was [wrong] with the BP [Buckingham Palace] mentality, and the feeling was mutual. Young really came to dislike Meghan’s style.’

Harry was just as dismissive of the two senior courtiers as Meghan. An insider said: ‘He used to send them horrible emails. So rude.’

The book says: ‘When Harry and Meghan went to Canada for their six-week break in November 2019… Meghan would not even tell their nanny, Lorren, where they were going.’

Things get worse when later in the book it states that Meghan Markle only confided in one member of staff that she was not coming back, and left the others in the dark., and they only found out in January.

Missing in this account is whether Meghan at all informed her nanny they were travelling away, an important detail which could explain the possibility that Meghan may have wanted to keep the location of her whereabouts secret for security reasons.


‘They found it hard to accept they were being dumped…’  the book says. ‘Some of them were in tears.

The source said: ‘Sam always made clear that it was like working for a couple of teenagers. They were impossible and pushed her to the limit. She was miserable.’

‘She was constantly having to battle on Harry and Meghan’s behalf,’ said a friend, ‘while taking all this abuse from them.’

The Duchess allegedly told one of Harry’s advisers more than six months before they were engaged: ‘I think we both know I’m going to be one of your bosses soon.’ This particular claim has alarmed researchers and analysts who have been keeping a close eye on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle controversy.


Meghan Markle was apparently defiant when senior aide reportedly suggested to Harry and Meghan that staff should be treated with more respect Meghan allegedly replied: ‘It’s not my job to coddle people.’

The Eye Of Media.Com has contacted Meghan Markle’s team to directly address the latest very damning allegations against her. The claims are so damning that they call for detailed clarification, or a legal challenge from Meghan Markle to survive the harm to her reputation.

Prince Harry and Meghan have both successfully pursued litigation against the Mail on Sunday on different matters, most notably the infringement of privacy when private letters she sent to her father were published.

They will have a lot to disprove among a long list of specific allegations against the Duchess Of Sussex. The book claims Harry and Meghan tried to bend the rules to get hold of a diamond tiara for a rehearsal ahead of their wedding when Meghan’s hairdresser was in London, but were refused by palace staff who said there was a strict protocol to be followed

Explicit Language

Switching to her husband Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex is alleged to have used explicit language about the the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly – either about her or to her face – earning him a dressing down by Elizabeth II when the monarch summoned him to a private meeting.

A source said: ‘He was put firmly in his place. He had been downright rude.’

However, the circumstances under which he used explicit language has not been stated and will be the subject of further analysis when it comes out in November.

One insider also claimed Harry feared being eclipsed by nephew Prince George when the second in line to the throne turns 18.

The source said ‘He had this thing that he had a shelf life. He was fixated [on] this. He would compare himself to his uncle [Prince Andrew].

‘He would say “I have this time to make this impact. Because I can” until George turned 18, was the way he was thinking about it.” Then I will be the also-ran.”

A palace source also revealed to Valentine Low that Meghan told Harry she would break up with him if he didn’t announce publicly they were dating.

According to an extract from the book, a source said she was saying: ‘If you don’t put out a statement confirming I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you.’ Another insider said: ‘He was freaking out, saying “She’s going to dump me.”

Security was also said to be an issue as soon as Meghan arrived in London, with no straightforward way of providing Meghan with full-time police protection – stoking tension between the palace and the new couple. This aspect would have been a legitimate point of dispute between the Sussexes and the royals, but it not known what role in may have played in the regular quarrels between Meghan Markle and her aids.

Palace sources also claimed the couple were constantly being sent gifts from fashion, perfume and jewellery companies, when they lived at Kensington Palace.

Meghan Markle reportedly clashed with her PA refused the luxury items, which she was doing in line with the protocol that members of the royal family do not accept commercial gifts.

The book to be published towards the end of this year, around November, could cause a stir as it goes world-wide.

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