This is the most exciting month I’ve experienced since learning to ride my bike without it’s stabilisers’, Eastenders has the whole nation guessing who killed Lucy Beale and boy have they kept us hanging. Not only do we finally get the eagerly anticipated truth but we say hello to old square legends but whom exactly is returning next week??

The betting office has bets flooding in on their favourites to return next week, and the odds aren’t to bad. Grant Mitchel is the current favourite. This is no surprise, as the Mitchell brothers were nothing short off notorious in their hey day. The Fist thrower first hit Eastenders in 1990, and was even married to his brother’s Current wife, Sharon for five years!! Does he even know his brother has shacked up with his Ex-Wife? No wonder he is the bookies favourite. We love beef, don’t we? Yes we do.
Remember Minty? Our cute, bubbly mechanic? Well, the lovable chap is also in the running to make a re-appearance for the shows 30th anniversary. I must say that Mr Cliff Parisi who portrays Minty, is definitely one of my favourites to hopefully return, although he is not my number one choice. Mint was married to our George Michael maniac- Heather Trott, before the karaoke addict was murdered off by Phil Mitchells’ gay son, Ben.

Despite all the “Maybes”, we can confirm that Tanya Branning and Janes Brother Christian are returning next week for Ian Beales’ 5th wedding. Will it even happen though? Will Ian be fifth time lucky with Jane again!.

The Legend Peggy Mitchell is returning next week too! Boom!!!!

On top of all the guessing games, Lauren is onto the killer, but are her detective skills on point? Has she got it right? She found agent Emma’s files, and took it upon herself to decipher them herself. Whose number did she discover jotted in the top of Emma’s murder files? Last week saw her scribble “I know what happened to Lucy” in Jane and Ian’s wedding card. Will she seal that envelope? Will she back out? She did just call off her engagement to Peter, is this a dead giveaway? Plus her and Peter are currently departed from the square. Jacqueline who plays Lauren is currently on maternity leave which works out well with her role as she has just found out that she is expecting Peters baby. Why has Peter left the square? Is he sitting in a jail cell for murdering his twin sister you ask? I don’t know. Lets wait and see.
Arghhh it’s all so thrilling. Eastenders have really hit this one on the head., repeatedly. Amazing is an understatement. Their writers are top pedigree and it shows.

The “Possible Killers and Possible returnees” don’t stop there- the list is rather lengthy for both. So take your pick and by all means change your mind with the Murderer, some have even said that Eastenders themselves have not decided who the killer is and are leaving the impulse until the very last moment. This could be the case indeed. Whose to say otherwise? It makes sense, that way no one knows and therefore there script remains safe until the actual air takes place.
In regards to the “Returnees”, Run down to the betting office and stick a dabble on, here are the possibilities with their odds.

Grant Mitchell 6/4
Sam Mitchell 8/1
Bianca Jackson 10/1
Dr Harold Legg 12/1
Jack Branning 12/1
Ricky Butcher 12/1
Joe Wicks 14/1
Lorraine Wicks 14/1
Sean Slater 14/1
Lisa Fowler 15/1
Spencer Moon 16/1
Robbie Jackson 16/1
Mel Owen 16/1
Zoe Slater 16/1
Chrissie Watts 18/1
Gary Hobbs 18/1
Minty Peterson 18/1
Gus Smith 20/1
Dr Anthony Truman 22/1
Little Mo Slater 25/1
Beppe Di Marco 33/1


Eastenders has truly gone Elephantine for their anniversary and the anticipation is a true killer. Talking of Killers , Hetti Bywater A.k.a Lucy Beale will be keeping us thoroughly engaged as she walks us through her final day as Lucy before her Killer attacks, was it an attack though? Or just a scuffle that went terribly wrong?… Twitter has set a light this week with peoples predications flooding in. Everyone seems to be wavering towards Jane now, although the list of possibilities is endless. One tweet phrased “Ian’s the Killer!!! Remember how he cried!!? That my friends is what i like to call guilt”…. Whilst another sang “Peter piper killed a bit of Lucy? never!, if Peter piper killed a bit of Lucy… Hmmm i think he did, always looking teary eyed these days”. One of many chirped “Abi!!!!! It’s so obvious!!!!!!”

We have just said a long deserving and well overdue farewell to John Altman who has played Nick Cotton on the square since 1985. The evil man has kept us hating him right up until the very end, he’s given us Fake Deaths, Murders, Crash’s and good old plain “Abusing his godly mother”. Our sweetheart June Brown, Legend! Nick exited the square after losing his life to a Drug Overdose. If anyone you know is fighting drug abuse then be sure to get them help and point them in the right direction. Don’t forget soaps are there to raise awareness too. What of Nick Killed Lucy? think about it. May i just add that the 62 year old looks fantastic for his age. He doesn’t look a day over 48!! I can’t even believe that he is 62.
Next we have Ronnie Mitchells’ life hanging in the balance as her family are unaware to the long lasting damage she may have endured during the New years day crash. Will she be disabled? Will she ever wake up? When they turn her machine off will she be able to breathe on her own accord?
There are so many cliff hangers this year, it’s hard to take them all in. Before I forget, Mick and Linda are set for their baby scan but is the baby even his? is she devastatingly carrying her rapists child? What do you think? The square will be full of shock and horrors next week.

Richard Blackwood made his entrance as the squares new “Bad boy” and he is lapping it up. He was standing like a tall MocaLatte with a bouquet of white flowers, making my social media feed go wild with roars of “Phwoar, Blackwood is fine” and yes, yes he is. Blackwood is linked to everyone on the square, starting with his unwanted presence in Phil Mitchells living room. Why does Phil go to Ian immediately and tell him “Ive got something to tell you”…… How are Ian and Blackwood linked?
Roll on Thursday

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