Duchess Of York Reveals On Podcast That She Has No Boyfriend But Wants One

Duchess Of York Reveals On Podcast That She Has No Boyfriend But Wants One

By Sheila Mckenzie-

Sarah Ferguson has admitted in her delayed and much anticipated  first ever Podcast to having no boyfriend , while expressing a wish for one.

Her comments come after years of rumours that she would one day marry Prince Andrew.

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Sarah and Andrew still share a home, living at Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, the ten-bedroom former residence of the Queen Mother, although this cosy arrangement may soon come to an end as part of King Charles’s projected reshuffle of royal residences.

Despite growing speculation that the two committed parents who remain single may one day remarry, Fergie has dismissed any suggestion of a romance between them.

However, the pair by all accounts have a strong friendship, with no romance involved.

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This means she is up for grabs to those within her reach who can impress her enough to win her attention, though she has the unenviable obstacle of frightening men who will want no part of the potential media attention that would accompany being her partner.

It is unknown whether her revelation of being single is an open invite for applications from the world of eligible bachelors


Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has been a prominent figure in the public eye for many years and her association with the British royal family and her past as a member of the royal household, makes her a compelling figure for many individuals interested in the monarchy and British history. Her podcast could attract an audience eager to gain insights into her experiences and perspectives.

Her  podcast is expected to provide Sarah Ferguson with a platform to share her unique stories, knowledge, and expertise,  leveraging her own experiences, she can establish herself as an authority on topics such as philanthropy, overcoming personal challenges, and empowering women.

A loving man who can support her vision could come in handy for the single lady looking for love.

As an ex-member of the royal family, Sarah Ferguson could offer unique insights and behind-the-scenes stories about royal life, traditions, and events, though it is unclear whether she plans to maximise her biological heritage in her podcasts.

Sarah Ferguson has been an advocate for various causes and has been vocal about her personal struggles. Through a podcast, she could inspire and motivate listeners by sharing her journey of resilience, personal growth, and navigating life’s challenges.

Ferguson has been involved in promoting healthy living, wellness, and positive mental health. A podcast could provide a platform for her to share tips, advice, and stories related to these topics, resonating with listeners interested in personal development and well-being.

Following her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996, Sarah Ferguson has been living an independent life. Her reported single status could reflect her focus on personal growth, professional pursuits, and raising her two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

According to reports, Sarah Ferguson’s divorce from Prince Andrew did not include a financial settlement. Therefore, it is possible that she has had to establish financial independence through various means, such as her professional endeavors, public speaking engagements, writing, and endorsements.

Podcasting has become a lucrative industry, with successful podcasts attracting significant sponsorship deals, advertising revenue, and potential merchandise opportunities. Should Sarah Ferguson launch a podcast, it could potentially serve as a source of income, allowing her to further establish financial independence.

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