Attack on teenage girl in Leeds

Attack on teenage girl in Leeds

By Sheila Jane

A 16 year old in Leeds has suffered several facial injuries in a machete attack that have shocked the community. The unnamed girl was attacked in Lingford Road, Moortown after an earlier fight with another girl. The vicious attack reflects the delinquent behavior of youths prevalent in the area where poverty and low education is rife. Two 17 year old’s, a 20 year old and a 15 year old have been bailed pending further inquiries. Knife attacks are common among male gangs in many parts of the country, but even the most barbaric of assailants in most sub-cultures adhere to the known rule that brutal attacks on women is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately, the fools who wreaked this despicable act lacked the basic common sense to know their actions were beyond comprehension.

Locals in the area lamented the horrifying act and one resident who did not want to be named told eye of media ” there is often some kind of commotion in this area and you always fear for the safety of your kids around here. Many of the youths here have nothing better to do than to smoke weed all day. Some of them even take coke. They engage in all sorts of loutish behavior just to get a name among their stupid friends. If they had slapped or punched her, that would have been bad, but to use a weapon as deadly as a machete is awfully wicked. They have no sense of shame. I just hope the poor girl knows who did it, the fact nobody has been charged makes one worry that she either does not know them or is scared of reprisals” . The sooner we move out of this area, the better.

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Another resident said ” This is just crazy, what is this area turning into”? What happened to the days people had fights and just accepted the outcome and tried to make up after?The attackers will get their comopance because this is just so dreadful”.

Inspector Sean Duggan from West Yorkshire police released a statement saying ” This is a very serious attack on a teenage girl who received significant injuries. This appears to have been a targeted attack that has resulted from an earlier fight involving the girl and another girl”.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward so that the cowards can be put behind bars.

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