Aspiring Footballers Wait In Long Queue To Join John Fashanu’s Glittering Academy In Abuja

Aspiring Footballers Wait In Long Queue To Join John Fashanu’s Glittering Academy In Abuja

By Martin Cole And Ade Martins-

Aspiring  young footballers have been kept on a long queue to to join John Fashanu’s Academy, The Eye Of Media can reveal.

John Fashanu’s academy in Abuja, Nigeria, has been inundated with several applicants, all seeking  an opportunity to become professional footballers abroad.

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British born Fashanu, who played for England in his younger days moved to Nigeria to have a taste of his motherland, having lived his whole live in the Uk.

He decided to set up an academy in the richest city of the country, where he is officially head of security, and practically treated like a god there.

Fashanu is having to temporarily turn down applicants, who are queuing up waiting for an opportunity to be trained by Fash.

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Aspiring players training at his academy spend 12 days with the former England ace, recently made an ambassador for Wimbledon football club.

Some have had to make the  journey from distant cities and were disappointed to have to leave their telephone numbers so they can be called after the present batch have completed their stay of training.

The players pay a fee of N1m(£1,000) for the entire duration of their stay, and are accommodated in one of Fash’s top class residential properties at his estate where he has 88 houses occupied by professionals and other sportsmen.

The fee is to manage a potential unlimited supply of applicants, but youths are increasingly finding the funds to train with the ex footballing legend.

Fashanu said of the waiting queue: ”I can only apologise to those who have made the distance here to be told to come another day. I have calculated the order in which it will be their turn.  I need time to focus on the players under my charge at the moment, and can’t have too many at a time during a given period. As soon as the first set have completed their training, we move on to the next”.

He said they have been turning up in droves about three times a week for the past two weeks.

Players were met at the gate by Fashanu’s security  men, and told they had to go back, leaving them disappointed, but all  expressed a desire to come back at an appointed day.

Two teenagers desperate to join Fashanu’s academy declined to be photographed, saying in broken english that his safety may be at risk if he were photographed.

” do you want armed robbers to track me down on my way back?

‘when told that our article on this was not yet written and will not be published until tomorrow(today). he said no please, I don’t trust journalists, I did not come here to be photographed, I came here to  be trained by the best, so I can end up in England. I don’t need the whole world to know my plans”.

Fashanu’s academy is  situated in the Sun City area, where Fashanu has been appointed head of security.  It serves as a hub for aspiring footballers, offering them a unique opportunity to receive top-quality training and guidance to excel in the sport.

Additionally, the academy supports the development of various other sports, fostering a multi-sport approach.

In line with its commitment to holistic development, the academy offers comfortable residential houses within the estate. These accommodations provide a nurturing and supportive environment for the aspiring footballers, fostering camaraderie, teamwork, and a sense of community.

It also accommodates several professionals and other sportsmen who can afford the rent fee.

Renowned for its exceptional facilities and infrastructure, the sprawling estate which comprises multiple houses  in separate catchments, have dedicated spaces for training and development.

It boasts top-notch football pitches that provide aspiring footballers with an ideal environment to sharpen their skills, improve their technical abilities, and cultivate their understanding of the game.

Recognizing the importance of physical fitness, the academy also features a modern gymnasium equipped with the latest training equipment. Aspiring athletes can engage in strength and conditioning exercises, enhancing their physical capabilities, stamina, and overall fitness levels.

Placing a strong emphasis on the overall well-being of its athletes, the academy provides access to sports science and medical facilities,  including specialized support from sports nutritionists, physiotherapists, and sports psychologists who offer guidance on nutrition, injury prevention, and mental preparation.

Training Programs and Coaching Staff

John Fashanu’s Academy also offers comprehensive training programs designed to cater to the specific needs of aspiring footballers. These programs encompass technical skill development, tactical understanding, physical conditioning, and mental resilience.

The coaching staff consists of highly experienced professionals, including former footballers and qualified coaches, who provide expert guidance, mentorship, and support. Through regular training sessions, personalized feedback, and a structured curriculum, the academy aims to maximize the potential of each player and propel them towards achieving their footballing dreams.

The large complex also features which is quite  sight to behold also features Fashanu’s luxurious cars parked in various parts of the academy.

The former England ace declined to state the worth of the cars, and had to be persuaded to permit us to include a photograph of his cars in this article.

Promoting Multi-Sport Development

While the academy primarily focuses on football, it also actively supports the development of various other sports, including boxing and marshal arts.

Fashanu himself has four black belts in marshal arts. This multi-sport approach encourages athletes to explore different disciplines, fostering versatility, athleticism, and a broader skill set. By providing opportunities for young athletes to engage in a range of sports, the academy aims to develop well-rounded individuals who can excel in their chosen field

Impact on Sports Development in Nigeria

John Fashanu’s Academy seeks to have an impact on sports development in Nigeria, particularly in football. It serves as a beacon of hope for young football enthusiasts across the country, inspiring them to pursue their passion and dreams of becoming professional athletes

Aspiring professional footballers at John Fashanu’s Academy

Recently awarded an ambassadorial position for Wimbledon, where Fashanu hones his skills as a major star for the club, the sporting icon is currently vying for a position to become the head coach of the Nigerian football team.

The academy’s emphasis on technical proficiency, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning, contributes to bringing the best out of young undiscovered talents

Aspiring footballers pose for photos  in Fashanu’s academy

Moreover, the academy’s commitment to multi-sport development diversifies the talent pool and nurtures a culture of sports excellence beyond football.

The academy provides access to top-quality facilities, expert coaching, and a supportive environment,  paving the way for young athletes to explore different sports and unleash their potential in various disciplines.

Fashanu, who is involved in real estate, was due in visit England this month for a week, has had to cancel to attend to the demand of ambitious players.

”I was scheduled to be in England this month, but have had to cancel. because of the demand for my attention for the youths. I have trained staff who can keep them exercised for a few days  while I am away, but it appears they want to be trained by me personally throughout, which is understandable.

”I will be over soon.  Keep up the good work”.

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