Younique Products That Empower Women

Younique Products That Empower Women

By Lucy Caulkett-

Younique products that empower and validate women are spreading across the ocean.

Younique is a ‘MISSION’ based business, and through spiritual enlightenment, the company uplifts women over the world and money raised goes towards a retreat in America to help sexually abused children and women.


41 year old Nicole Tatum is one of the 600,000 representatives of Younique, an American based company, first direct sales company to market itself exclusively through the use of social media.

The varied products ease wrinkles on aging skin in a magical way, and beautifies the
skin of the young . Their essence is to bring the best out of women.



Nicole Tatum

Nicole Tatum told the eye of ” these products are amazing and come with the added package of empowerment and validation”.

“If you feel good, you will think well. True beauty comes from within ”

“The products produce that image but also challenge women who wear them to examine themselves and be part of a family of women who interact online or phone to empower each other “.

Tatum is at pains to stress how distinguished these products are from other products.



“They are in a class of their own, she enthusiastically states. The smell, the finished look, and the philosophical message that comes with it.


Customers of younique products are expected to eat sensibly if they want the products to have their maximum effect.

“We advise women to  rest well, eat well, think well. The feel good factor of these products is so empowering that it extends to other areas of your life.

A woman wearing younique products is not expected to be going through domestic violence and not addressing it as effectively as possible.


There is a whole family of younique women in England , America , and the rest of the world who are prepared to play a positive role in the lives of women signed up to younique or using their products.

NicoleTatum has now established her own company called Nicole Tatum, which pushes the products of unique as she is one of their many presenters.

Nicole Tatum is also looking for other ladies who are ready to change there lives to join her team of “Glamorous Warriors”.

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