Why Families Of Drug Dealers Live In Danger Of Their Lives

Why Families Of Drug Dealers Live In Danger Of Their Lives

By Eric King-

Families of many drug dealers live in danger of their lives given the spate of revenge killings that occur regularly.

One reason families should do their very best to discourage their members from dealing drugs is because in the event of a feud where a wanted drug dealer is no where to be found, family members or even partners are often taking out.The culture in drug circles of killing innocent family members in revenge for lost or robbed drugs or drug related money is a frightening one.

Drug pushers and their associates from Birmingham and Kilburn have told The Eye Of Media.Com that violent world of drug related feuds is a serious and blood thirsty one.

Having established a few contacts in the drug world in Birmingham and Kilburn, I spoke to two dealers introduced through our contacts.  Both were told to wear dark shades for the avoidance of any doubt they may be reported.

The agreement was to dispose of the recording of the interview once its content had been copied out, and they had absolute trust that our only interest was research.  The meeting with both men, one from Birmingham and the other from Kilburn, took place at a property in Queens Park, North West London.

One deals in Cannabis and cocaine, the other in cocaine and heroine. One gang member,  from Birmingham  anonymously said:

” In this game there are many lions of different sizes. Some just want to make their money, others want to make their money and rob other people’s money. When they rob, they rob big. They don’t think about comebacks because they usually weigh up the person they are robbing from, without thinking of who they have behind them.

”Even victims of a drug robbery can suffer twice if their boss does not believe them or asks them to replace the lost cash. When revenge time comes, it can be dirty, and go round in circles. Imagine how many people get killed over drugs, the pain of their friends and families.

”Sometimes you can’t prove who did it, but you get to find out, especially if the suspect goes missing and you can’t find them. Angry people take revenge on their family, sometimes a close sister or cousin, then they say it was unprovoked. No murder is unprovoked(this is debatable).

”You will never hear in the media that  person murdered in one of these unprovoked attack was the sister, cousin or girlfriend of a drug dealer. Come on, the family is grieving at this time, they will not ruin their name more.

Some people get killed just for their association with drug dealers, a suspicion that they set up a robbery, or honey trapped a murder victim. Sometimes the rumour a’int true, sometimes it is.

I wouldn’t kill the innocent member of someone who hurts me in this game, but I’ve never been in the situation where I am going mad because I have been robbed of thousands and can’t find my enemy. I may threaten to go for their family if I can’t find them, but I don’t reckon I wll do it


The temptation to deal drugs is strongest among youths with low self esteem and no academic qualifications. They look up to other kids they see rise from rags to riches in the drug world and try to emulate them. The drug dealing lifestyle is an egocentric as it is a cry to fill a void of zero to low life prospects.

Young recruits for drug dealing is growing by the day all over the Uk and the U.S, and frankly in many parts of the world. Education and raising awareness is the key to limiting the damage that results form such a dangerous lifestyle. ‘

‘It is the in thing in many parts of North West London, a young 23 year old new drug dealer, who wouldn’t even give his street name, let alone his name, said. For a couple of pints of beer and a meal, he spoke freely about the drug culture in the area.

”Go to Mozart[estate] or bridge [stonebridge], and you will see that drug dealing is a status symbol among many youths there. You rep[reputation] goes up once people here you are stepping up and making money. Girls that wouldn’t give you a look before start taking note and want to hang around, go for a drive in your car, then next thing, you are in there”


Asked why drug dealers don’t worry about the fatal consequences that could easily accompany their lifestyle, he replies ”everyone is gonna die one day in’t? Nobody thinks it will be them getting murdered through drugs, all they want to do is make fast money and escape the rot of poverty facing them.

He admits the culture of robbing other dealers in the same trade is selfish and dangerous, but says ”it is just the way it goes. If you think you can multiply your earnings through one move, you go for it. Many people have died for being in drugs, but it is like a movie to the rest of us because it is the only thing we know”.

Both of the two young men were expelled from school, one at the age of 14, the other at 15 and a half, not long before he was due to sit his G.C.S.E’s which he confesses he would never have passed.

Whilst there are instances of drug dealers who took and passed their G.C.S.E’s, research suggests that an overwhelming number where academic failures in school.

There is no shortage of individuals who were academically weak in school who went on to achieve greater successes in life than those who did well in school, but there are growing numbers who instead of pursuing employment somewhere choose the risky life of drugs.


Friends and family members have a big role to play in warning their loved ones about drugs from an early age, and letting them know that in many cases, the lives of other innocent people can be at risk. There is rarely a guaranteed warning of death before it comes, since even an association with the wrong person or being attacked by a rival can begin the cycle that spirals into a sorrowful disaster.

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