UK Braces Itself For Series Of Wintry Showers Set To Bring Ice And Snow

UK Braces Itself For Series Of Wintry Showers Set To Bring Ice And Snow

By Lucy Caulkett-

The United Kingdom braces itself for a series of wintry showers that are set to bring snow and ice to various regions. The Met Office has issued warnings, urging people to prepare for potentially “hazardous conditions” on Tuesday evening and overnight into Wednesday morning.

Affected areas include central and southwest Scotland, north-east England, and Yorkshire, with London and parts of southeast England expecting snowfall on Thursday.

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Cold Blast Grips the Nation

Tuesday night will see freezing temperatures across the country, with the mercury plummeting to -2°C (28.4°F) to -6°C (21.2°F). Snowfall is anticipated over the higher ground of eastern Scotland and northeast England, leading to potentially icy conditions on untreated surfaces into Wednesday morning.

The Met Office also predicts the possibility of snow accumulation, ranging from one to three centimeters at lower levels and up to five centimeters over the higher ground of northeast Scotland.

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Yellow Warnings for Snow and Ice

Yellow warnings for snow and ice will remain in effect for areas of Scotland and northeast England until Thursday. These alerts indicate a potential for travel disruption, urging residents and commuters to exercise caution. The difficulties in forecasting snow, particularly in hilly and coastal areas, pose challenges for accurate predictions.

Cold Wave Originating from Scandinavia

The current cold snap is attributed to air masses originating from Scandinavia, where near-record cold November weather is being experienced.

Wintry showers forming in the North Sea are expected to make landfall across eastern parts of the UK. The cold weather is predicted to persist into the coming week, with maximum temperatures ranging from 2°C to 6°C. Some regions in Scotland and northern England may not even see temperatures rise above freezing.

Health Alerts Issued

With the plummeting temperatures, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a yellow cold-health alert for the health sector, covering northern regions of England throughout the week. The alert encourages individuals to take precautions against the cold weather, especially those in vulnerable groups.

Coldest Autumn Temperatures Recorded

Over the weekend, temperatures dropped below freezing for much of the country, marking the coldest recorded temperature this autumn at -7.7°C in Shap, Cumbria, on Saturday morning. The cold air mass, currently affecting the UK, is expected to bring wintry conditions and icy stretches, particularly in higher elevations.

While snowfall is anticipated in London and southeast England later this week, forecasters suggest it is unlikely to settle or cause significant disruption. As winter tightens its grip, the nation remains vigilant against the challenges posed by wintry weather conditions.

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