U.S Doctor Faces Allegation Of Sexual Abuse Against US Physicians

By Aaron Miller

A Boston-based rheumatologist,  Dr Derrick Todd, faces accusations from more than 80 women, adding to a growing list of doctors reported to have violated patients during their most vulnerable moments.

The leap in women alleging sexual assault at the hands of Todd comes one day after Marianne “Mimi” DiTrani and her legal team filed a lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court, accusing him of using his “position of trust and authority to commit acts of sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and serial abuse.”

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As per reports, at least 82 women have joined a class-action lawsuit filed against Dr. Todd in a Massachusetts state court.

This legal action followed two individual lawsuits filed earlier against Todd, who voluntarily surrendered his medical license in September as the allegations against him continued to mount.

The class-action lawsuit filed on Wednesday alleges that Dr. Todd conducted inappropriate pelvic, breast, and rectal examinations on patients for his own sexual gratification.

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These shocking acts are said to have occurred as far back as 2011, with the abuse continuing until an investigation halted his actions in July.

Sabrina Soini and Samantha Sullivan, two sisters, spoke to Boston television news station WBZ about their experiences with Dr. Todd.

They described unsettling encounters during medical appointments in which they endured inappropriate and lengthy examinations, followed by deeply personal and intrusive questions about their sex lives.

The doctor is also accused of forcing at least one of his patients to strip naked in front of him before groping and fondling her body during “phony” breast and vaginal exams, a newly filed lawsuit allege

In response to the allegations, Dr. Todd’s attorney stated that he “has done nothing wrong and will defend [himself] vigorously.”

The medical center where Dr. Todd practiced, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, initiated an investigation following two anonymous complaints.

He was initially placed on leave but was ultimately fired on July 31. Todd offered his resignation before the hospital could take action, and on September 5, he voluntarily agreed to cease practicing. He is also under investigation by state prosecutors and Boston police.

The scope of the allegations against Dr. Todd became more apparent after an anonymous plaintiff sued him on September 29, and Mimi DiTrani filed a separate lawsuit accusing Todd of exploiting his position of trust and authority for acts of sexual violence and abuse.

The most recent lawsuit filed on Wednesday has brought forward dozens of additional plaintiffs, all echoing similar claims of abuse. These patients contend that Todd convinced them to undergo gynecological and breast exams, often outside regular hours, despite primarily seeking treatment for arthritis and rheumatological issues.

Defendants in the ongoing lawsuits include the hospital and physicians’ groups where Todd practiced.

The plaintiffs argue that Todd’s employers failed to adequately supervise him and allowed his abusive behavior. However, statements from the sued entities assert that they took action upon receiving the initial complaints against the doctor.

The allegations against Dr. Todd are part of a growing trend of sexual abuse cases involving physicians across the United States. In recent months, prosecutors have filed charges against doctors in New York City, including Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng, Dr. Robert Hadden, and Dr. Darius Paduch.

Advocates emphasize the urgent need for comprehensive measures to prevent such abuses in the future.

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