Tenants Of John Fashanu’s Estate In Abuja Claim To Have Suffered Panic Attacks Over Rent Arrears Of £26K

Tenants Of John Fashanu’s Estate In Abuja Claim To Have Suffered Panic Attacks Over Rent Arrears Of £26K

By Martin Cole And Ade Martins-

Tenants at  Josh Fashanu’s properties in Abuja, Nigeria, suffered panic attacks over fears they would be kicked out of their accommodation in one of the former footballer’s many homes in Abuja.

A number of the former football star’s tenants have accrued debts for over a year, confirmed to amount to 15m Naira( £26,000 ). A number of them had not paid rent to the former football ace throughout the year.

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The revelation was made to The Eye Of Media  after a tour of the former footballer’s estate whe.re aspiring young  footballers check into his academy for  the former Wimbledon star’s  one on one with Fash’ , and spend a few days with the former sportsman honing their skills for potential future football stardom.

However, other professionals live in the footballer’s massive assembly of properties.

The aim  of the tour was to get a glimpse of the life Fashanu lives in West Africa’s most populous nation, and observe the work he is doing in nurturing talented football youths.

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The revelation emerged after two days at the former footballing star’s massive estate in Abuja, Nigeria, where the Wimbledon ambassador is a landlord of 88 properties.

Fashanu,  owns several houses in Nigerias’s second largest estate in Abuja, where he accommodates aspiring sportsmen , traders, and tenants from a diverse range of professions.

However, due to the complex issues of the troubled West African country, a number of Fashanu’s tenants have found themselves behind on their rent, owing over N10m

Many of his tenants don’t deal with the former England ace directly , opening up the potential for tension through some of the intermediary staff he employs who deal with his tenants directly.

Some of his staff are said to have threatened to throw their stuff out if payment was not received immediately.

A handful of his debtors claimed to be awaiting payment from their paymasters, who had let them down due to Nigeria’s unreliable wage packet system characterised by delays and multiple hazards.

A prolonged period of debt by a number of the former football players ‘ tenants is said to have led to some confrontation over the delay in the tenants paying their rent. This publication heard that some tenants had been threatened by his  staff, a claim Fashanu  strongly denies. The former footballer said he has  great relationship with all his tenants and is always patient with them.

Family friends of some of his tenants have called for the former footballer to exercise more patience and allow them more time to pay their debts.

However, Fashanu, who has a net worth of £20m says he has been very patient and can’t allow debt to accrue for too long because it is bad for business. ”if you allow debts to accrue you will end up out of business”, he says.

”I never heard of any real panic attacks , ofcourse tenants know they accommodation is not free of charge and cannot be, but I don’t over pressure them. They know rent must eventually be paid”

The former Wimbledon player who was recently made ambassador to Wimbledon  said he won’t disclose confidential matters, but added that everything was resolved amicably.


Fashanu,  who also runs an academy for aspiring footballers, all of whom he is helping mould into  future stars, said the criteria for joining his academy is ”being among the best in football”.

Alongside spacious fields for football are other sporting facilities where the former England Ace trains his proteges. The Abuja based Londoner also training boxers and marshal  artists to become stars o the future.

At his large complex, both visitors and occupants engage in combat sports including Karate, boxing, and wu tang. Fashanu himself is a black belt Karate holder

Image previewAspiring footballers at John Fashanu’s Academy                                    Image: JFA


Talented players pose for photos at John Fashanu Academy

Maintaining the high costs is a challenge for some, who gravitated towards the estate in the first place because of its picturesque location and ambient atmosphere.

Some people are said to have urged Fashanu to wave the debts, but the former television star said this was not possible.

”There’s no point having a business if one is going to allow everybody live for free. That is the total opposite of a business.

I have a  good relationship with most of them.

”I’ m often very patient and understanding of the various situations faced by tenants, and allow them enough time to pay up.

Five out of eight  of his debtors are now said to be up to date with their rent, with the others expected to pay soon.

There are still  number owing rent, and some tenants have told this publication they feel under pressure to find money they don’t have.

Fashanu declined to state exactly how many more people were in rent arrears at his estate.

Fashanu said: ” they have various sources for paying their debts. Some of them get it from family, or from their employers. They know it’s their duty to pay their rent”.

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