Stormzy’ s No 1 I hit On Radio

Stormzy’ s No 1 I hit On Radio

By Eric King

Stormzy ‘s no 1 hit, gang, signs and prayer is making waves on our internet radio, and surely on other radio stations in HR country.

The 23 year old Londoner edged Rag ‘n bone’ on the charts on Thursday to steal the number one spot.

His music, which is full of meaningful lyrics, has been making a groundbreaking impact on our radio, with our server being overloaded with listeners when his music is played.

It is the first Uk grime album to reach the top of the charts. The star sold 69,000 copies combined.

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Tinie Tempah’ s discovery album is the only other grime influenced album to top the charts in 2010.

Londoners have been downloading his music in their tens of thousands and the South Londoner is probably the hottest property in the grime scene at the moment.

A very honest and down to earth youngster, Stormzy has told his moving story of how depression set him back for long time, offering great insight into a condition that affects millions world wide.

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Many people feel they can relate to him, and his popularity is only growing higher and higher. The unsigned Londoner also has a great team behind him, and the level headed artist is well loved.

On our internet radio, Stormzy will get exposure to 116 countries at once, expanding the wide reach he already has.

Stormzy’ s music will be played at least four times a week on our internet radio station.

The excited Londoner told the eye of media. com ” I can’t thank my fans enough and everyone that has supported my music. It is priceless, and all you guys supporting me on radio stations, all I can say is a big thank you”.

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