Search For Missing British Broadcaster In Greece Stepped Up

Search For Missing British Broadcaster In Greece Stepped Up

By David Young-

The search-and-rescue operation for missing British broadcaster Michael Mosley(pictured) has been significantly ramped up on the island of Symi, part of the Dodecanese island chain, approximately 25 miles north of Rhodes.

Mosley, renowned for his work on diet and health, including the popular 5:2 diet and appearances on programs such as The One Show and This Morning, has been missing since Wednesday.

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Local authorities, including residents of Symi, a helicopter dispatched from Rhodes, and Greek police officers, have been joined by additional personnel drafted from outside the island to comb the Pedi area and its surroundings. The search is taking place amid sweltering temperatures, forecasted to reach a high of 36°C on Friday, with a yellow weather warning in effect for Rhodes and the surrounding islands, including Symi.

The search operation intensified after a woman reported seeing Mosley in the Pedi area on Wednesday. The Greek police, upon being informed of Mosley’s disappearance, enlisted the help of the Greek fire service, which responded by sending six firefighters, a vehicle, and a drone team from Rhodes by early Thursday afternoon.

Michael Mosley, 67, who is well-known for his contributions to public health discussions through his journalism and television work, was last seen heading for a walk from Saint Nikolas Beach around 1:30 PM Greek time on Wednesday. The route he took is a popular path for tourists, described by locals as clear and not particularly dangerous.

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The mayor of Symi, Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, expressed skepticism that Mosley remains in the immediate area. “It is a very small, controlled area, full of people. So, if something happened to him there, we would have found him by now,” he told the BBC.

Local residents echo this sentiment. Irini, an employee at Kamares coffee shop on Pedi Beach, said: “The police, the coast police, and the firemen have all come to carry out the investigation, but nothing has been found yet.” Another resident described the situation as “strange,” noting that the path is well-trodden and not hazardous, making it difficult to understand how someone could get lost.

A friend of the individual Mosley was staying with shared similar disbelief, describing the route as straightforward. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, she remarked, “It’s a road that sort of heads over the mountainside but it’s been recently widened and there is only one route, so it’s not possible to lose your way.”

International and Local Efforts
The UK Foreign Office has been supporting Mosley’s family and is in contact with local authorities. A spokesperson said, “We are supporting the family of a British man who is missing in Greece and are in contact with the local authorities.”

The search efforts have been bolstered by the use of drones and the presence of firefighters, indicating the seriousness with which local authorities are treating the situation. Despite these efforts, the mystery surrounding Mosley’s disappearance deepens as the search enters another day without significant breakthroughs.

The news of Mosley’s disappearance has shocked colleagues and admirers. Jeremy Vine, a prominent broadcaster, expressed his concern on social media, saying, “I’m praying this lovely man is found and thinking of Claire and the whole Mosley family.”

Roy Taylor, a professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University and co-author of The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet with Mosley, issued a heartfelt statement: “This shocking news focusses our minds on Michael’s wife Claire and their sons. Our thoughts are with them in this terrible time of uncertainty, hoping that he will be found safely. All speed and success to those searching for this dear man.”

Saleyha Ahsan, a star of Trust Me I’m A Doctor, described the news as “shocking” and expressed her hope for Mosley’s safe return.

Michael Mosley’s Legacy

Michael Mosley has made significant contributions to public health awareness through his work as a columnist for the Daily Mail, his television documentaries, and his advocacy of intermittent fasting. His work on The Human Face, presented by John Cleese, earned him an Emmy nomination. He also gained attention for his BBC Four documentary, Infested! Living With Parasites, where he lived with tapeworms in his gut for six weeks.

Mosley’s advocacy for health and well-being extends to his books and television shows, including the Channel 4 program Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? and the BBC series Trust Me, I’m A Doctor. His promotion of the 5:2 diet and The Fast 800 diet has helped many people worldwide achieve better health outcomes.

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