Police Crackdown Sees 10,000 Knives Seized In Major Operation

Police Crackdown Sees 10,000 Knives Seized In Major Operation

By Charlotte Webster-

Almost 10,000 knives were taken off the streets in in a week-long crackdown by police forces across England and Wales, it has been revealed.

In total, 9,737 knives were seized and 1,693 people arrested as part of Operation Sceptre, the national police initiative to tackle knife crime.

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Nearly 50% (828)of those arrested were related to knife crime offences.

Operation Sceptre, which took place last week between May 15 May and May 21, brings together all 43 police forces across England and Wales in a week of intensified action, with forces coordinating activity that targets knife crime from the root cause right through to enforcement.

A variety of other tactics were used by forces, including weapons sweeps, engagement with schools and local communities, knife arches in public places and events and knife surrender bins to remove knives off the streets.

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Commander Stephen Clayman, National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) knife crime lead, said: “There is a lot of fantastic work taking place across police forces to tackle knife crime and Op Sceptre is a great opportunity to both highlight and showcase the difference this work is making.

“Knife crime remains a complex issue and is not a problem which policing can tackle alone and it’s been really positive to see all the different examples where we are working in collaboration with partner organisations to address some of the root causes and support young people in making informed choices.

“As well as early intervention, we are working with Government to review knife crime legislation with an ongoing consultation around proposals which includes strengthening police powers to seize knives, banning the sale of the most dangerous types of knives and increasing penalties both for those selling to underage buyers and for anyone carrying a knife with the intention of endangering life.

“The consultation is still open and I’d encourage everyone to take part and have their say. This is an ongoing mission and one which needs collective ambition, energy and patience.”

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said: “This week’s crackdown has taken thousands of knives off the streets, along with the criminals who carry them.

“Knife crime remains a blight in our neighbourhoods, but I’m confident the police, working with schools and communities will help deter people from carrying these weapons. The Government’s consultation to outlaw knives currently not banned is still open on gov.uk, and I would urge the public to submit their responses.”

In London, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) made 468 arrests and seized 170 knives as part of the operation.

Chief Inspector Rob Ranstead, who led Operation Sceptre for the MPS, said: “Knife crime completely destroys families and brings misery to our communities. The results from this operation highlight the Met’s commitment to tackling violent crime and I’m convinced that with 170 knives taken off London’s streets, we have prevented further injuries – and perhaps even fatal stabbings – from occurring.

“Operation Sceptre is an intensification of the work officers carry out every single day and although this week of activity has concluded, be assured that our officers will continue to be out on the streets every day, using every tactic available to prevent violence.

“Policing alone can’t solve knife crime or violence and I am grateful to our partners and community members that worked closely alongside us during this week of enhanced activity, as they do on any given day, to make London safer for everyone. We must all work together – the responsibility lies with us all to bear down on knife crime and violence.”

Policing Minister Chris Philp said: “We will continue to support police forces taking strong action against people who sell, buy and carry dangerous knives.”

The NPCC said youth engagement formed a “significant part” of the week, helping young people to move away from violence and involvement in gang activity.

The week of action also focused on education and engagement with members of the public and retailers which sell knives.

In total, 2,810 school engagement visits took place alongside nearly 2,000 community or educational events, with officers visiting more than 2,000 retailers to talk about the sale of knives.

Of 670 test purchases made, 17 per cent (114) resulted in failures.

“Retailers who fail test purchases can be given education and advice and around the regulations when selling knives or prosecuted in some circumstances,” said the NPCC.

As part of Operation Sceptre, the police worked closely with HM Prison Service in a coordinated effort to tackle violence in prisons, with an intelligence-led operation, targeting those carrying weapons and disrupting the supply of knives/bladed articles available to use. Across seven prisons, 66 cells and 77 inmates were searched and 18 weapons were found and seized.

Function Of Operation Sceptre

Operation Sceptre is a law enforcement initiative aimed at combating knife crime and reducing the prevalence of knife-related violence. The operation, originally launched in London, has since expanded to other areas across the United Kingdom. It brings together various agencies, including the police, community organizations, and educational institutions, to raise awareness, enforce the law, and engage in preventative measures.

One of the primary objectives of Operation Sceptre is to disrupt the supply and availability of knives. Law enforcement agencies work diligently to identify and apprehend individuals involved in the illegal sale, possession, and distribution of knives. This includes conducting targeted operations, intelligence-led patrols, and stop-and-search initiatives. By reducing the accessibility of knives, Operation Sceptre aims to create safer communities and deter potential offenders.

Another important aspect of Operation Sceptre is its focus on education and prevention. The initiative works closely with schools, colleges, and community groups to deliver educational programs and workshops that highlight the dangers and consequences of knife crime. These programs aim to empower young people to make informed decisions, avoid carrying knives, and seek alternative paths away from violence.

Operation Sceptre emphasizes the need for early intervention and support for those at risk of becoming involved in knife-related incidents. It strives to identify vulnerable individuals and provide them with the necessary guidance, mentoring, and access to support services. By addressing the root causes of knife crime, such as social exclusion, poverty, and lack of opportunities, the initiative seeks to prevent young people from being drawn into a cycle of violence.

Collaboration and partnership are central to the success of Operation Sceptre.

Under its operation, law enforcement agencies work closely with community organizations, local authorities, and relevant stakeholders to implement a holistic approach. This collaborative effort enables the sharing of information, resources, and best practices, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of the operation and fostering a united front against knife crime.

Operation Sceptre has demonstrated positive results in tackling knife-related violence. It has contributed to a reduction in knife crime incidents in targeted areas and increased awareness surrounding the dangers of carrying knives. Moreover, the initiative has helped foster stronger relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, promoting trust and cooperation.

However, it is important to note that Operation Sceptre is an ongoing effort, and there is still work to be done in addressing the complex issue of knife crime. Continued investment in preventative measures, community engagement, and support services is crucial for sustained success.

Serving as a comprehensive strategy to combat knife crime in the United Kingdom. By targeting the supply of knives, providing education and prevention programs, and supporting vulnerable individuals, the operation aims to create safer communities and reduce violence. Through collaborative efforts and a multi-faceted approach, Operation Sceptre strives to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the fight against knife crime.

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