Piers Morgan told By Channel 4 Editor To Stop Chasing For New Post

Piers Morgan told By Channel 4 Editor To Stop Chasing For New Post

By Ashley Young-

 Channel 4 editor, Ben de Pear,  has told Piers Morgan to stop chasing for a television post with the broadcaster, after the axed former presenter  was pressing for a new post with them.

Mr Bear told the presenter: “Don’t ring us, we will ring you.”

Piers Morgan has appeared to be looking for a job on Channel 4, after making open his search for a spot with the broadcaster.

The former Good Morning Britain co-host has been looking for a new  television role after quitting the ITV show following a fallout with bosses over his remarks about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s much talked about Oprah interview.

Morgan, who was a hit on the show, and described as ”irreplaceable” by ITV bosses, is eager to return to British television screens ever since he lost his jobs.

There are rumours that Piers will appear may take up a post at Andrew Neil’s soon-to-launch GB News.

On Thursday , the controversial former television presenter appeared to be putting the feelers out to Channel 4 when he tweeted: “Shall I dust down my tie collection @Channel4News?”

One Twitter user told him to “stop begging for a job” while others can’t wait for him to return to our television screens with one saying: “Yes indeed dust them down and get back on our tv screens I’ll listen out for the screams of fear by all those in the government.”

Any hopes of Piers appearing on Channel 4 were soon dashed by its editor, Ben de Pear, who replied: “Don’t ring us, we will ring you.”

Others described the slap-down as “a bit like Scunthorpe turning down [Harry] Kane” while another instead said it was “more like United turning down a man with no legs”.Piers, never one to hold a grudge, took it in the good grace that he has grown accustomed with when one Twitter user said he’d be “far too controversial”.

“Agreed… and far too expensive,” he tweeted.

Piers Morgan who in past times lost his job as Daily Mirror editor and CNN broadcaster due to controversies, is now trying to return from his third time lucky job gone wrong.

The outspoken television presenter continued to mount attacks against Meghan Markle, bashing her credibility by questioning the many facts of her claims.

His popularity with the press has seen the British media fight his corner over the royal family dispute with the Sussexes, following the bombshells they delivered at the serious expense of the image of the royal family- with some holes in the claims later exposed.

Morgan has expressed anger that he has been labelled racist for disagreeing with Meghan Markle, though the label he refers to has only come from a handful of angry people reacting emotionally without solid proof to back up their claims.

The consensus among objective critics of Piers Morgan is that his condemnation of Meghan Markle was driven by his personal issues with the Duchess Of Sussex, after she ”ghosted” him by refusing to return his calls. The television presenter has pointed out that he put Meghan Markle in a cab to the party where she met Prince Harry, whom he would later fall in love with and marry. The couple have a baby boy, Archie, and another one on its way.

Besides Morgan’s personal issues with Meghan, he has expressed dissatisfaction with many of the claims made by Meghan during her television chat with Oprah Winfrey.

However, he has refused to acknowledge his huge mistake in undermining the whole of Meghan’s claims, in particular, her mental health issues, which she said almost drove her to suicide.  He later wanted to know who Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approached about her mental health issues and what they said. His question was blind to the difficulty posed by his question in a practical sense, as it would mean exposing the member of the royal household who rejected the question.

Analysts at The Eye Of Media have long concluded that the question of addressing complaints of mental health issues in the royal family would have been a tough call because of the privacy issues outside involvement could breach.

Other key issues raised by Piers includes the claim the Sussexes first child would not be entitled to become a Prince because of his race. The claim has since been debunked, but the reason the Sussexes were not told the reasons is still unclear.

Piers was an influential broadcaster who killed his own post by refusing to apologise, and is now missing his voice on television.  He still writes for the Daily Mail, who have his back, but the reach of his voice is  no comparison with being on television.

Many fans of the outspoken journalist are eager to see him return to television, but there are concerns of the extent to which he could continue his unguarded attack on Meghan Markle, who is still recovering from mental health issues, or indirectly pass positive comments about members of the royal family with the aim of spitting the Duchess Of Sussex.

Multiple complaints to ofcom in relation to Piers Morgan’s comments hare yet to be formally addressed by the broadcasting regulator .

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