Parents Buy Cigarettes For Their Under Age kids

Parents Buy Cigarettes For Their Under Age kids

By Charlotte Webster-

Many parents are buying cigarettes for their underage kids. Kids as young as 12 are having their cigarettes paid for by their parents, the eye of has heard.

Teenagers and even younger who have not reached puberty get their parents to buy them cigarettes to keep them calm. A mother who didn’t want to be named told the eye of that she had no choice or her child would “kick off”.

” If I don’t get Jimmy those fags, he would shout swear words at me and throw things around. He becomes an absolute nightmare that it is easier for me to give in than to put up with the unbearable hassle “.

The woman’ s son is only 12 years old and is a nuisance at home and at school. According to her, the police have been involved a number of times in looking for him when he skips school and does not turn up home on time.

” He says he goes to his friend’s house and sometimes stays the night, but doesn’t give me phone numbers of his friend’s parents so I can contact them. He basically tries to boss me around, it’s such hard work”.


The anonymous mother who wrote to the eye of late last week complicated her story by unrevealing that her boy was abused by his stepfather two years ago.It was reported to the police but didn’t take off the ground because of lack of evidence.

The eye of was forced to visit the mother and her child on ban holiday Monday in Southgate, North London, and he claimed his friends parents buy them cigarettes. After confirming from one of his friends – a 13-year-old he met at friend’ s house, we can see where the problem sometimes starts.


We will have some new investigations to begin by giving some parents a visit. Just for the price of a nice meal, the 13-year-old is willing to reveal his mum’s address and also reveal more friends whose parents buy their children cigarettes to keep hem calm.

Given the health risk associated with smoking and the age boundary of 18 set by the law, only irresponsible parents will bow to pressure from their kids to buy them cigarettes. They should be able to remind their kids of the law, and most importantly that they are the parents.

” I wish I didn’t have to give in to his demands, but then I just think that he smokes anyway, so he is going to do it one way or another whether I buy hem for him.or not “.

That explanation is not good enough because parents should stand their ground in the face of difficult children and revert to the police or social services of necessary. It is simply not good enough to give in to the demands of children who wilfully break the law.