Paedophiles Grooming Children Through Online Games

Paedophiles Grooming Children Through Online Games

By Gabriel Princewill-

Paedophiles are using online computer games to groom children.

A Sunday People’s  investigation reveal that an alarming number of paedophiles are engaging children in computer games, unbeknown to the unsuspecting children.

The findings, seen by the eye of is the latest in a series of disturbing revelations of dangerous grooming by a group of societal misfits .


The investigation reports that computer games like Minecraft, clash of clans , Roblox, and other children’s games, are used by hunting  Paedophiles , I’m a warped ploy to bond with youngsters and groom them.


Paedophiles are the scourge of every society , and need to be identified and stopped quickly before they wreak further damage on innocent children.

With the proliferation of  child porn on the net, and the multiple investigations of paedophile rings that have been investigated, the task of coating this huge malady is daunting.

The problem of Paedophilia is believed to more prevalent that currently known, with numerous ostensibly well positioned individuals caught up in this depraved and highly abhorrent activity.


Their distastefully impaired hormones that generates a deviant appetite for child abuse, needs to be injected with some counteractive medicine to stabilize them.

Alternatively, they should be locked up indefinitely in a mental home, since they constitute a grave danger for society as a whole.