Nominations Open For Legacy Of Excellence Aisling Awards 2023

Nominations Open For Legacy Of Excellence Aisling Awards 2023

By Tony O’Reilly-

Nominations  have opened for Aisling Awards 2023, which will take place at the Europa Hotel on Friday 24 November 2023, and The Eye Of Media.Com will be there to cover the event.

The event provides an opportunity to salute the courage and resilience of civic leaders across multiple fields of endeavour and from every corner of the city.

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The Aisling Awards have been an emblem of Belfast’s finest qualities – resilience, generosity, and an indomitable spirit.

This annual event provides a platform to acknowledge and applaud civic leaders, visionaries, and community champions who have dedicated themselves to shaping the future of this vibrant city.

In 2023, as nominations open once again, it is heartening to have The Open University as the premier partner for this prestigious occasion.

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The Aisling Awards is a legacy of excellence with a storied history that mirrors Belfast’s journey towards progress and unity.

For over two decades, these awards have recognized individuals and groups from diverse fields who have made significant contributions to the city.

Whether it’s the inspiring feats of our Special Olympians or the heartfelt stories of families like little Oscar Knox’s or Harry Holland’s, the Aisling Awards have celebrated those who embody the essence of Belfast – a city that stands together in the face of adversity.

The Open University’s Vital Role

The partnership with The Open University is a testament to their commitment to learning accessibility. With over 50 years of pioneering distance education.

The Open University has transformed the educational landscape, bringing quality learning experiences to students in the UK and beyond.

Their mission is clear: to make education available to all. To date, they have empowered more than two million students to chase their dreams and aspirations.

In a world where knowledge knows no boundaries, The Open University has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional teaching and unwavering support.

Their impact is immeasurable, providing individuals with opportunities they might never have had otherwise. The Open University’s involvement in the Aisling Awards is not a recent development; they have been an integral part of this celebration for years.

A Remarkable Year Ahead

As classes kick off in October, The Open University anticipates its largest intake to date, with over 7,500 students enrolling in a diverse range of courses.

This surge in interest reflects the growing recognition of the importance of accessible and quality education.

John D’Arcy, Director of The Open University, expressed his delight at being involved in the Aisling Awards 2023.

“We have been involved with the Aisling Awards for many years, and we are once again delighted to be part of it this year,” he affirmed. “Aside from our own graduations, it is probably one of the highlights of the year.”

D’Arcy went on to highlight the impact of the Aisling Awards as a means of spreading the message of the transformative power of learning within Belfast’s diverse communities.

He acknowledged the tremendous atmosphere and the invaluable recognition of individuals and organizations that the event has fostered over the years.

“I would encourage people to get involved this year,” he adds. “Don’t be shy, and maybe it is time you were recognized.”

A Shared Commitment

The synergy between the Aisling Awards and The Open University is a testament to the shared commitment to education, community, and progress.

Together, they highlight the importance of acknowledging those who dedicate themselves to the betterment of Belfast, while also championing the cause of accessible education for all.

In a world where learning and recognition go hand in hand, these partnerships pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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