LSE Masters Student Celebrated After Winning £7,000 In Global Essay Competition

LSE Masters Student Celebrated After Winning £7,000 In Global Essay Competition

By Gavin Mackintosh And Sheila Mckenzie-

A master’s student from the London School Of Economics(LSE), is being celebrated, after winning first place in a global  essay competition, for which he was awarded 8,000 CHF(£7,000)

Elliot Gunn(pictured) was recently awarded first place in the 2023 St. Gallen Symposium global essay competition. As a competition finalist, he was invited to the Symposium event in Switzerland in early May 2023 to discuss the arguments in his essay.

The St. Gallen Symposium is an annual conference taking place at the University of St. Gallen. It hosts intergeneration debates, bringing together the leaders of today and tomorrow to foster understanding and joint action on the world’s most pressing challenge

Every year, the Symposium sets an essay competition attracting around 1000 submissions from around the globe. Following the 2023 conference theme, “A New Generational Contract”, this year’s essay question asked: “The best or worst legacy of previous generations: How can this be preserved or replaced?”

The authors of the best 100 essays were invited to St. Gallen as “Leaders of Tomorrow” to discuss their ideas with the “Leaders of Today”. Elliot, who studies Economic History at LSE, was awarded first place at the Symposium for his essay on global problems in the health sector titled “Restoring the Radical Promise of Universal Healthcare”.

Coming from Canada and studying in the UK, Elliot explored the publicly funded health care systems in both countries and their challenges in his essay. “As a Canadian, and as a student in the UK, I’ve been following closely how universal healthcare systems in both countries have been grappling with the same set of challenges. Many countries’ healthcare systems are in crisis and have been for a long time. Things seem to be getting worse, and public discourse on this has not contributed constructively to policy solutions.

“As a student of the Economic History MSc, I wanted to see if I could apply analytical frameworks about economic constraints and incentives, and the importance of institutions in improving public health, raising living standards, and increasing human capital to this,” he explains.

‘Encouraging others to go for the competition, he said. “I would strongly encourage them to consider applying. The Symposium covers every participant’s expenses, so cost should not deter students.

“The essay competition is just one part of the Symposium: we attended small workshops with industry leaders, spent a day touring the beautiful St. Gallen, and forged close friendships with fellow participants over the week. Many participants came away inspired knowing that we can and should lead more effectively for positive change in whatever industry we’re in.”

Gunn told The Eye Of Medi.Com:  ” I have many relatives who are doctors and nurses in both Singapore and Canada, so the Nhs is naturally of interest to me.  There different perspectives of the pandemic was very insightful to me.

I encourage people to go for these kinds of competition, it is a healthy exercise and opens several opportunities for networking and useful mentoring”.

Rich History

The St. Gallen Symposium annual essay competition has a rich history and offers numerous benefits to participants, encouraging critical thinking, fostering dialogue, and providing unique opportunities for young talents.

With its rich history and esteemed reputation, the competition has become a platform for intellectual exchange and a launchpad for the future leaders of various fields.

Promoting critical thinking and intellectual engagement, participants are required to analyse and present their ideas on pressing global issues, challenging them to think deeply and critically about complex problems. This process not only enhances their analytical skills but also encourages them to develop innovative and creative solutions.

The St. Gallen Symposium offers a platform for young talents to showcase their ideas and gain recognition. The competition attracts a diverse range of participants from around the world and presents them with the opportunity to express their unique perspectives, insights, and potential solutions, which may be noticed by influential leaders, academics, and professionals.

The competition also fosters dialogue and facilitates networking among participants. The St. Gallen Symposium hosts a vibrant and inclusive community, bringing together talented individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines




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