Ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney is the UK and Ireland’s richest musician – after adding a phenomenal £20 million to his fortune over the past 12 months, the annual rich list by the Sunday times reveals. HE shares a wealth of £730m with his wife Nancy Shevall, securing his position at the top of the list of ballers who are simply smashing it when it comes to the serious amount of cheddar lining their pockets. Lord AndrewLloyd-Webber comes second with fortune of £650m, while Irish band, U2 come in third place  with a fortune of £431m.Sir Elton John comes third, and Sir Mick Jagger is fifth with a fortune of £225m. The  new entry on this year’s list at number 30 is Calvin Harris, with an estimated fortune of £70m. Every year, the Sunday times  release in their magazine supplement, a list of  the wealthiest 1,000 people or families in the UK. The list is not restricted to  British citizens, but also extends to individuals born abroad  who generally work or live in the UK.


 Adele is the wealthiest of the under 30 rich list, earning £5m in the last 5 years, elevating her fortune to a pretty £50m.  Behind her are One Direction stars, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, who have £25m each, and Zayn Malik, who has the same amount.At no 7  is Ed Sheran  with £20m, with eighth place jointly shared by Ellie Goulding, Jessie J,
Leona Lewis, Katie Melua, Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan, and Arctic
Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, all of whom have amassed £8m each.

Sam Smith is the only new entry on the list, with a fortune of £12m. All have worked very hard to earn their fortunes, though what would be good to know is how much of that fortune has been used to change other people’s lives. When music stars persevere in their trade and succeed, they should be celebrated for their hardwork which has paid off. However, it would be good to sometimes hear of the good they have done for others, even if to help some unknown aspiring singer somewhere, whether a family member or outsider.

£10,000 out of that big fortune would be a big differebnce to someone out there, and if many of these stars just sit on all that wealth, it is purely vain and not something that should be overly praised or idolised.  We should celebrate our stars who entertain us with their talents and hard work, though it is also important that they give back to their fans who have contributed to their arrival at the apex of their endeavors. Anybody they help is representative of their fans in this respect.  For now, Eye of Media congratulate them for their outstanding achievements and wish them continued progress in entertaining us.

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