London School Of Economics Celebrates Being Named Outstanding Entrepreneurial University

London School Of Economics Celebrates Being Named Outstanding Entrepreneurial University

By Gavin Mackintosh-

The London School Of Economics (LSE) is celebrating being named Outstanding Entrepreneurial University at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards, one of the biggest celebrations in the higher education calendar.

The School was given the award courtesy of its work in unlocking entrepreneurial ambition in students and alumni and supporting them to build socially responsible businesses in the UK and around the world.

A highly rated institution of higher learning, LSE is known for its high academic standards and world class research. LSE is a member of the Russell Group, Association of Commonwealth Universities, European University Association and is often considered a part of the “Golden Triangle” of top universities in Southeast England.

Boasting one of the most politically active and democratic Students’ Unions in the country, its academics have been at the forefront of both national and international government consultations, reviews and policy for over a decade, and is renowned for its very high level of research.

Support For Students And Alumni

LSE Generate, the School’s home for entrepreneurship, supports students and alumni through programmes focused on driving measurable growth – in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – and provides student mentoring for secondary school pupils to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset early in life.

It was selected among many reasons, for its variety of services available to both alumni and students at LSE, including business clinics with experienced founders and coaches who can advise on the next steps for start-ups.

The LSE alumni and faculty impressively includes 55 past or present heads of state or government and 18 Nobel laureates.  Since 2017, 27% of all Nobel Memorial Prizes in Economics have been awarded or jointly awarded to LSE alumni, current staff, or former staff, who comprise 16% of all Nobel Memorial Prize laureates.

LSE Generate has run a three-month incubator in Nigeria for aspiring local entrepreneurs, designed innovation boot camps for Portuguese school students, and has collaborated with United Arab Emirates-based university students when running impact events in Dubai.

The award judges said they were impressed by the comprehensive nature of LSE Generate, its “breadth of approach” across “peer mentoring, scholarships, ongoing support, boot camps, incubators, think-ins, early-stage venture funds and accelerators”. And they praised its ability to “impact societies at home and across the world”.

Outstanding Talent

Commenting on the award, LJ Silverman, Head of LSE Generate (pictured)said in a statement to The Eye Of Media.Com: “This award is not just a nod to the outstanding talent that is emerging from LSE here in the UK and across the world. It’s also an award that finally recognises the case for supporting and investing in entrepreneurs who have a view towards socially responsible innovation; who, through a social sciences lens enable technologies to create the most incredible solutions that address the most urgent global challenges. Our world is in need of these types of entrepreneurs more than ever.

“It’s the biggest honour to celebrate these innovators, and we will continue to ensure that every single student and alumni, regardless of background, has the best possible chance of start-up success and making a positive difference.”

LSE Generate is just one way in which LSE focuses on enhancing the student experience, partnering with students so they grow as critical investigators and independent thinkers, equipped with the intellectual insight and global perspective to change the world around them.

The Public Research Partners programme empowers students to engage with real-world civic issues through collaboration with NGOs and charities as part of their studies. LSE is also committed to enhancing education through dialogue and partnership through the Student Education Panel, which invites students to contribute to developing a better educational experience for everyone, and student Change Makers who conduct independent research projects to make meaningful change at LSE.

LSE’s ongoing work to enhance students’ experience is reflected in the 2022 National Student Satisfaction Survey, with a score of 81 per cent for overall satisfaction – above the sector average of 76 per cent, 4th overall in the Russell Group and second Russell Group institution in London.

LSE Careers’ micro internship programme, the Volunteer Centre’s programme of events and the Digital Skills Lab all offer students skill-building opportunities to help them succeed and enhance their employability after graduation, with LSE rated as one of the top universities in the world for employment outcomes, with a score of 99.9 out of 100 in the 2023 QS World University Rankings.

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